The Terrible Twos – The Ordinary Moments

The Terrible Twos – The Ordinary Moments

This post has been coming for a long time now and the main star is that little missy above, she looks like butter wouldn’t melt with her angelic face and blonde hair but let me assure you the last few months she has been rather testing.

I wrote a post on Harri self a while back about how independent she is, which I think is a good thing, but lately she is definitely pushing the boundaries. We don’t have a day without a tantrum which sometimes start as soon as she wakes up. Harri constantly wants her own way, no matter how unreasonable, getting her dressed each morning is a minefield even after letting her choose her own clothes and I hate to even think about the meltdown we have when trying to brush her hair.

I love that Harri is fiesty and her own person, I know I don’t need to worry about other Children taking toys from her as she wont stand for it and I love that about her. She is so full of life and often has children following her around trying to play with her, she is a bundle of fun. When she is like this, there is nobody I would rather be with, she can be sweet and loving, the life and soul of the party. However, the last few months have been challenging even bringing me to tears at times. Sometimes I am at a loss as to what to do with her. Our house is quite laid back, however we are quite tough with discipline especially now we have two but I find Harri is quite hard to punish, she simply doesn’t care if we take away a toy or not let her have a treat. We tend to send her to her room to calm down, which does work for now but we are never far away from the next tantrum.

It is the terrible twos I know this, I also know this phase wont last forever, she is growing up and pushing the boundaries. I know she is getting frustrated, she is at the age were she wants to do so much but still can’t at times and the only way she knows how to deal with it is by a tantrum. She is tired from the school run each morning and won’t have a nap in the afternoon which makes her grumpy. I do try to keep all this in mind but know she fully understands her right from wrong and the word no.

I know I need to ride the storm, she is a lovely little girl and I am lucky to have her, I just hope that she grows out of the terrible twos whilst I still have at least some patience left.

7 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos – The Ordinary Moments

  1. Ah the good old terrible twos. I remember Mads having some good old tantrums, we definitely had more of a difficult time with her than LL. LL is the easiest child, although when she has a tantrum they are HUGE, but thankfully they are rare. However I keep thinking that it is going to come later, there’s no way we are going to get away with it. Thankfully they grow out of it, although Mads is still a terror now! 😉 x

  2. Yes I remember them well! I found that when we could talk more it got better. The twins have had some epic tantrums and usually in public! I am sure things will calm down a little soon – she does look very sweet though 😉 xx

  3. Aww my little boy never seemed to go through the terrible two’s, but oh my goodness he is such a whinging whiner since he turned 3. I think when his younger sister could only cry and make noise and point at things she wanted he started copying which was very irritating. Now she is 2 and can express herself well. She has a full on melt down if she gets over tired but we can go weeks without seeing that, so we’re very lucky. However, it’s rare to get through a few hours without Judah crying and whinging about something. Usually it’s very easily resolved, and like you say it’s often when they’re tired…. it’s just such an irritating stage. They do grow out of it though, thank goodness xxx 🙂

    1. It is so funny the way each Child is so different. My eldest Meme didn’t have a tantrum stage but I do remember a grumpy stage which was tough! Thank you for your comment x

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