Harri Self – The Ordinary Moments

Harri Self – The Ordinary Moments

I have the most determined little 2 year old. She is such a character, so feisty and independent. Her most said phrase over the last 5 months is ‘Harri Self’. She literally wants to do everything herself.

She has to pick her own clothes – with a wardrobe full of pretty outfits she generally picks one of four dresses (never trousers), which all tend to be summer dresses which we obviously now have to layer right up.  She will only wear her favourite shoes or her wellies and, of course, she has to put them on herself.

She has to feed herself, she also has to get her own bowl out. She has to choose her own snack. She has to brush her own teeth, empty her own potty (we recently got our hall painted so my nerves are gone!) – the list goes on.

I love that she knows her own mind but it does drive me a little crazy at times. We have tantrums every evening because she wants to put her own nappy on, we have to leave about 5 minutes earlier to go the school run (or anywhere) as she has to climb in her own car seat and fasten herself in whilst I wait in the cold or rain for her to finish.  She also has so many lovely clothes and shoes that she just wont wear. I do find myself getting frustrated at times, snapping and getting angry, which I know is wrong. It is good that she is independent, she is exploring the world and discovering her own capabilities. I need to try and remember this, I need to relax. My baby is growing up and I think I need to embrace it!

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4 thoughts on “Harri Self – The Ordinary Moments

  1. Love it – I think when we are blessed with such independent females, we have no choice but to embrace it lol! She sounds so much like megs was at 2 and is now at 3 (yes it gets worse the more articulate they become)! And it drives me nuts too -like you I love that she knows her mind, had independence and a desire to be self sufficient but boy does it scare me sometimes how fast it all goes! x #ordinarymoments

  2. Aw bless her, it sounds like she is a feisty gorgeous little lady. My two year old is exactly the same, I definitely think it is a phase. She is super independent and never wants help with anything! x

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