Christmas Preparations

Christmas Preparations

I am such a Christmas person. That annoying person who wants to play Christmas music at the beginning of November. This year feels like it has just crept up on me though so now I am full steam ahead with the Christmas preparations.

We usually go to the Chester Zoo Christmas lantern walk. This year when I tried to book tickets it was all sold out. We were planning to meet friends at Chester Winter Wonderland this week but have found it is not on this year. I usually have firm ideas on what to buy people and usually have bought a few items.This year I feel I have no clue on presents. I popped to Liverpool for a little shop last week and I found that many of the items that I required have sold out already. It was a necessary wake up call.

Our Christmas Preparations

  • Booked a trip to visit Santa at our local farm, which the girls will love.
  • Me and my sisters have arranged Christmas drinks next weekend
  • I have promised the girls they can choose a Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree¬†. We have been looking around for some
  • We have ordered some Christmas cards which Meme has designed herself
  • I have lined up a few Christmas films all ready to watch.
  • We have bought some Advent calendars which are all ready to be opened on 1st December.

It’s beginning to look a lot (or at least a bit more) like Christmas!

What Christmas preparations have you made?




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