Parties, Christmas Lists and Choosing a Tree #LittleLoves

Parties, Christmas Lists and Choosing a Tree #LittleLoves

It has been so cold this week, I think we can all agree winter has arrived.  The last Friday of the month – I am just so excited for everything that December brings.


All I have read this week is a whole lot of school letters asking for money and my faithful Grazia magazine.


We watched our first Christmas film on Sunday, Miracle on 34th Street – I don’t think I could ever tire of that film.


I heard some real grown up music, I was at a party last week (a real party in a hotel not our usual 5 year old party in soft play!) and they had a band playing which was rather fab! There was not a ‘let it go’ to be heard – delightful!


I am a jeans, blazer and heels kinda girl on a night out but for the party (mentioned above) I thought I would put a dress on for a change – although it did end up being the coldest windiest night of the week, cue Marlyn Monroe moment except not quite as glamourous!! I bought the dress from H&M, its not my usual style but I loved it!

A rather drunken me



As mentioned in my Christmas Preparations post, I am not very prepared this year but I have finally made a Christmas list of presents I need.  I am going shopping today and am not coming home until everything is bought!

Meme has made these Christmas cards in school – not sure that a heart is quite that festive however she loves them so I guess that is all that matters!


And lastly

I have a busy weekend, food and cocktails with my sisters tomorrow night and then we are going to pick our tree on Sunday. Below is the tree Meme wanted to choose last year – needless to say it was a tad too big!! I am very excited. I have also told the girls they could go and choose a bauble each to buy which they will love!


Have a lovely weekend xxx



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  1. Sounds like you’ve got a busy weekend planned-have fun! That tree is huge! We used to have a real tree but brought an artificial a few years back as an 11 month old and pine needles wasn’t something we fancied dealing with and now i can’t persuade B to go back-damn it! The dress looks lovely x

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