Our Summer Bucket list

Our Summer Bucket list

It is almost time for the summer holidays and I am so so excited to have 6 whole weeks to spend with my lovely little ones. However, truthfully, I am feeling a little apprehensive about it all. We have booked a holiday for 2 weeks. This leaves me with 4 weeks to look after and keep entertained 3 children. As you can imagine, the nerves are setting in a little. The problem with my girls is that they get bored so easily. I know it’s mine and hubbies fault because we always have so many weekend plans they struggle to actually stop and do nothing. Realistically, I know we can’t have 4 weeks of activities especially now I have Alfie to think about. I also think it will do us good to have some days where they’re a little bored and have to entertain themselves.

So we have sat down and come up with a little Summer bucket list that won’t break the bank:

Brimstage Maize Maze

I have mentioned this place in my top places to visit in North West post but it really is amazing. It only opens in the Summer time but it is full of different activities to keep kids entertained including soft play, park, sand pit, the maze and bouncy pillows. Whilst you do have an entrance fee there is no time restrictions so we plan to take a picnic and stay all day.

National Trust

Make use of our National Trust membership – if the sun is shining there is nothing we love better than visiting some National Trust venues. Tatton Park is quite close to us as is Speke Hall, which we have yet to visit.

Visit the Beach.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of beautiful beaches. It will be another picnic on the beach making sandcastles and collecting shells.

Crafty time.

We are very lucky to have received Mila & Pheebs monthly craft boxes, which my girls love. We also love painting and, after a trip to the beach, we tend to spend some time painting the shells we have collected. Such a simple task but my girls love it.

Take a trip to the pictures

We don’t go to the pictures all that often at the moment. Mainly because I have Alfie but also because it’s so expensive. However, I do know that some cinemas offer family morning showings of some films so we plan to take advantage of this on some rainy days.

Ness Gardens.

I harp on about Ness Gardens all of the time. We live so close and have membership so if we take a picnic it can be a really cheap day. Ness Gardens always have lots of activities on in the holidays and my girls love it there.

Visit some museums.

We are lucky enough to live not too far from Liverpool which has some amazing museums for us to visit. We hope to spend a couple of days there exploring the Museum of Liverpool, The Tate and the Walker Art Museum.

Go to the Park.

My girls love the park and we tend to go every single day. We live by lots of parks and I tend to make even more use of them this summer.

Do some cooking.

For me, that tends to involve some ready made cake mix but my girls absolutely love making and decorating some fairy cakes. I will be stocking up my cupboard with lots of sprinkles.

So there are our plans and, whilst I am pretty sure they will drive me crazy some days, there will be tears and tantrums and I know I wont have a spare minute, I literally can’t wait!

Have you made a Summer bucket list?

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  1. Oh gosh, I have done exactly the same as I feel your pain! I am so worried about the four weeks my husband will be at work and I’ll have the girls on my own. I think I’m going to go as far as to write out a plan of what we’re doing each day when we get back from our holiday. Museums are a good call, I hadn’t got that one on my list, I’m going to add it! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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