How to keep your child safe in the sun

How to keep your child safe in the sun

How to keep your child safe in the sun is a question all parents ask themselves. Staying safe in the sun is always my main priority. We love the summer time in our house. As the school term is coming to an end we are all looking forward to those long warm summer days with bare legs and no coats. However, I am conscious that I need to take some precautions to ensure my children are kept safe in the sun.

Holiday Gems are running a campaign about the importance of safety in the Sun.

Here are my tips on how to keep your child safe in the sun

Sun cream

It may be an obvious one but every morning in the Summer months sun cream gets slathered on my little ones religiously. Even when it’s quite cloudy. I always remember being on holiday with my husband when one day it was cloudy. Me and my husband didn’t think we needed to bother with any sun cream. That evening we both realised we did! We burned terrible – lesson learnt! The sun can still be really powerful even on the cloudiest of days.

Also remember to re-apply sun cream every couple of hours.This is the best way to keep your child safe in the sun.

Keep hydrated

 Lots and lots of liquids. I constantly remind my girls to have a drink throughout the summer months even if they don’t feel like one. With the warm sunshine and the fact that they are constantly running around it is so important that little ones keep their water levels up. I always find letting them choose a new water bottle encourages them to drink more as they insist on taking them everywhere with them. For babies, fruit like melon can also be a good way of ensuring that they are keeping hydrated.

Stay out of the Sun

With Alfie being only 6 months I tend to keep him in the shade the majority of the time when travelling abroad. However, my girls are that little bit older and love playing in the sunshine and, of course, getting some vitamin D is also important. However, on really warm days I do try to ensure that my girls take some time out from the sunshine. The sun is at its hottest during 11am – 3pm. This is always a good time to encourage some crafts in the shade or some indoor play.

Cover up

I always try to keep the girls covered up a little when the sun is at its strongest. I also make sure they wear hats to protect their heads and necks.

Meme has quite pale skins and can burn really easy. I  try to ensure she wears short sleeves to protect her shoulders from burning. Especially if she is out and about without me to keep an eye on her.

I also have a UV suit for Alfie to wear in the hot sun to ensure he is completely covered and safe.

So these are my top tips, I am in no way an expert but I am a Mum and have definitely learned a thing or two since Meme was born. Pop over to Holiday Gems for some further advice for safety in the sun.

Staying safe in the sun


3 thoughts on “How to keep your child safe in the sun

  1. Alice is really fair and I worry a lot about her in the sun. I smother her in sun cream and make sure she wears a cap with a peak to protect those cheeks as best I can. It’s such a worry now she is at school, I send in sun cream but the teachers aren’t allowed to help her. But I guess her attempt is better than nothing. x

  2. We just can’t take risks with our little ones in the sun, can we? It always surprises me too that my darker haired child burns more than my blonder one, so you never can make any assumptions. Great tips, I too often forget their hats! Mich x

  3. I am covered in freckles and it seems the eldest has my skin so I naturally keep him out of the sun. I myself do the same yet still manage to come home with a tan even wearing factor 100. I found it got a lot worse after having the boys, so pregnant ladies should take extra precautions too. Must buy myself a new sunhat xx

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