Subscription Craft Boxes – Why we love them so much.

Subscription Craft Boxes – Why we love them so much.

We have been receiving subscription craft boxes from Mila and Pheebs for the last few months now. It is safe to say that they are a huge hit in our house. We have received the Fun at the farm themed box and the Spring themed box (which was a favourite) and, more recently, the Safari craft box. My girls have spent hours and hours cutting, sticking, drawing and creating.

Here are some of the reasons why we love subscription craft boxes so much:

  • What child doesn’t love getting mail. When a Mila and Pheebs craft box drops into our letterbox every month there is a scream of delight from both Meme and Harri and if it happens to be on a Saturday there is a squeal of delight from me and my husband as it keeps them both entertained for hours.
  • Each monthly box consists of something different. We have received mosaics, daffodils to make, stickers, colouring in, threading …the list goes on.
  • The box fits in your handbag – so I take one with me when we are out and about in case we visit a cafe and the girls need entertaining.
  • It is great for little imaginations. I love watching my girls create little pictures and make special cards. They always find new ways to use the stickers to create new pieces of art.
  • The Mila & Pheebs craft boxes are unique ideas for birthday presents. You don’t have to subscribe to the craft boxes, you can actually buy a one off box which makes for the perfect gift.
  • Each box contains a keepsake eraser, always in a different shape depending on the theme of the craft box. They are so cool and my girls love to collect them.

We have just received a special holiday edition and we are so excited to get crafting!!! And with these rainy August days that we are having they are an absolute godsend!

Have you tried subscription craft boxes?





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