Somewhere in the middle

Somewhere in the middle

I have lots of good friends that I don’t see very often, I find that once you have a family things change. My weekends are usually reserved for my husband, a time where our little family is reunited after a week of work and school. I am quite lucky that I only work part time so I have time in the week to meet people, however, like a lot of families, the majority of my friends work full time.

I have a really good friend from my University days called Jackie, a friend who probably has a lot of dodgy drunken pictures of me and knows far too many of my past secrets. For the reasons mentioned above I don’t see her very often at all, I went from seeing her every day and most nights to now seeing her a few times a year, we both have children, she works full time and also throw in the fact that she lives over an hour away from me – our meetings are few and far between.

On Saturday we decided to try and get together, thinking of somewhere to go in the winter that is somewhere in the middle of us both was tough, we decided on Blakemere Village. Neither of us had been before so we did not know what to expect but we thought lets give it a try. So I packed my girls in the car and, armed with my sat nav, we made the 40 minute drive to Blakemere Village to meet our friends.

Once we had met we started by going for something to eat (priorities right?) which was nice and child friendly, we then went to a pottery place where the kids could paint a figure which Meme absolutely loves to do, she sits there with such concentration. The day then ended with soft play in Barnaby’s Play Barn, I am not going to lie it was chaos in there but the kids enjoyed themselves so I guess that’s all that matters. The weather was so bad that we couldn’t really potter around and explore, there is meant to be an outdoor park, which my girls would have loved so it was a little bit of a shame.

Not sure if I will be going back to Blakemere Village on my own but it was a good central location to meet. I always leave our catch up thinking “I’ve had a lovely day with Jackie and her lovely little boy and I’m going to try and make the effort to see them more often” – Saturday was no exception. This was the only picture I managed to take due to it being so cold and wet.  Harri was also crying because I had to wrestle her out of soft play (terrible twos) – pleased I got at least one to capture the day though.


9 thoughts on “Somewhere in the middle

  1. Oh the terrible 2’s, there is no reasoning with them! The photo is lovely though – the three in their winter coats & gear! #PointShoot x

  2. p.s. it’s ironic that you were the post in front of me at both Point & Shoot & Twinkly Tuesday!! We must be on a similar linking schedule lol #TwinklyTuesday x

  3. It’s great to make to time to catch up, I must try to do more of it this year. Somehow the weeks just pass and I’m like you, I try to keep weekends free for us to do something together and I just love my quiet nights in with my husband. The company I worked for used to deliver leaflets for Blakemere and even then I couldn’t quite figure out what was there, haha, glad you all met up and enjoyed it though! When the weather is nicer it makes it easier to meet up xx

  4. How nice that you got the chance to catch up.
    It really is so easy to loose touch with friends especially withs life’s everyday demands isn’t it?
    Sounds like you really enjoyed your day 🙂 #pointshoot x

  5. It’s tough to keep in touch once you have kids and move away, glad you got t meet up though

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

  6. So lovely that you got to get together and have a play date. Sometimes they are chaos but the kids have fun and its nice to catch up with a friend. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and your continual support as it’s getting quieter and quieter on SWM these days I hope it long continues for us all to share. #sharewithme

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