Chalk and Cheese – The Ordinary Moments

Chalk and Cheese – The Ordinary Moments

I wrote this post last month about me and my husband. if you haven’t read it, it is about how me and my husband are like chalk and cheese but after 12 years are still going strong. Well, the same thing can be said about my two girls.

Meme and Harri are so different, it is funny, for some reason I imagined they would be similar, like me and my sisters are but I remember a neighbour saying to me once that no two children are the same – this is so true for my girls.

To look at them you would not even know they were sisters. Meme has dark wavy hair with pale skin whilst Harri has straight blonde hair with a more olive skin. Meme is really petite and slight, I worry a strong wind could knock her over. Whilst Harri is, should we say, a a bonny lass, nothing is knocking this kid over. Both perfect in different ways.

Their personalities could not be any different. Meme is so placid, she went to a friends house for tea a few weeks ago and her friend’s mum could not believe how laid back she was. She is so easy going. I would always see parents struggling with their child when trying to leave a park or a toyshop, I always felt quite smug when all I had to say is ‘time to go Meme’ and we would go hand in hand with a smile on our faces. With Harri I am one of those Mums struggling with tantrums (karma hey). Harri is so feisty and full of life, she is this big ball of energy which is exhausting but a lot of fun to be around. She knows her own mind and she knows what she wants.

Two very different people but, like me and my hubbie, it works, they care and look after each other so much. They share a room together and we hear them chattering away together in the evening and first thing in the morning. If Meme wakes up first and comes into our room, as soon as Harri wakes she shouts ‘ where is Meme’ – it is the sweetest.

Some of their personality surprises me at times, although Meme is the quieter one she is also the determined and confident one and a bit of a daredevil at times whilst Harri is very unsure of things, although she is only young so it will be interesting to see if this changes.

Chalk and cheese but best friends x


4 thoughts on “Chalk and Cheese – The Ordinary Moments

  1. I was that parent struggling to get my little guy out of soft play on Saturday! Sounds like the 2 girls are best friends as well as sisters and it’s great that their personalities, despite being opposites, work so well together. Reading posts like that make me really want to have a second child despite me saying 1 was my lot. #theordinarymoments

  2. Lovely post. It’s funny how they can be so different isn’t it? I am with you too – I had an easier time with my eldest always happy and understanding of what I asked, I’m that other parent with my youngest dragging her away from the shelves in the supermarket!! X

  3. They look so cute together. It’s amazing how you can have two girls who are so different. When I was pregnant with LP I could only imagine our next baby being a carbon copy of her – how wrong could I be! x

  4. Lovely post Natalie – the girls are both gorgeous and I love to see that they have their own characters, yet adore one another. I find that one of the most exciting parts of having kids, seeing what they are like, how they’ll fit into the vibe and how they develop. MIne are just both nuts haha x #ordinarymoments x

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