New Wellies

New Wellies

Harri was in desperate need of some new wellies, she loves her wellies and tries to wear them daily if allowed!  It can be quite tough if we are going somewhere nice all dressed up and she is determined to put her wellies on!

I would describe Harri as quite a girly girl, not as bad as her sister (who at one point would only wear pink!) but she loves princesses and girly things although probably because she likes to be the same as her sister.

So we went to a shop and there were all kinds of wellies, pink sparkly ones, peppa pig ones, frozen ones for her to choose from but, to our surprise, she picked ‘The Good Dinosaur’ stripy blues.  She was determined to get them which was fine and now, as per her previous wellies, we struggle to get them off her.

Harri is always full of surprises!






7 thoughts on “New Wellies

  1. LOVE these wellies! Our girls have been known to wear tutus and wellies on the beach in January… and why not x

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