New books, no snow and The Wizard of Oz #Littleloves

New books, no snow and The Wizard of Oz #Littleloves

I have been so jealous of everyone’s pictures playing in the snow this week, we had nothing except rain her much to my girls disappointment!

It has been quite a chilled out week, one of my new years resolutions was to get up a bit earlier and I have this week, I feel  so much better not rushing around.

Here are my #littleloves


I have seen a book called Disclaimer on a few blogs and Instragram feeds so I thought I would give it a try and I am really enjoying it.  I tend to read really fast so I am trying to pace myself a little and take it all in rather than read it all in one night.


The girls watched the Wizard of Oz over Christmas and to my surprise loved it, Harri wants to watch it daily! So we ordered Oz The Great and Powerful from Love Film and the really enjoyed it. I thought it was a little scary to be honest.


I have heard some lovely news  this week- my friend gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, I cant wait to meet him. I have 3 other good friends due this year – there is definitely a baby boom at the minute!


Plenty of layers, I am just constantly cold at the moment, I can’t seem to get warm at all.  Harri has been wearing her new wellies and Meme started her ballet class again this week much to her delight so she has been wearing her new ballet shoes.


We have made some play doh shapes – my girls just love play doh – doesn’t it get everywhere though!?

And lastly

We are off to Centre Parcs for the weekend, which I am very excited about –  a little break is just what we need to brighten up a dull month, January just makes me so grumpy!!

Have a lovely weekend!


11 thoughts on “New books, no snow and The Wizard of Oz #Littleloves

  1. I’m not loving playdough at the moment at all. The little one managed to sneak it onto our rug the other day without me noticing and now I have a rug full of playdough and I cant get it off! Have a great time at Centerparcs. Totally jealous! x

  2. I think this time of year is all about layering – I actually love putting so many clothes on and getting all snug. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x

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