Mini adventures – The Ordinary Moments

Mini adventures – The Ordinary Moments

I am writing this sitting in a jam packed car on the M6 – I look behind me and the girls are watching a film on their tablets, Frozen I think, with their princess earphones on happy as can be – honestly how did our parents cope without tablets? My husband is driving, he is chief family driver, we smile at each other gratefully for a drama free journey (so far). We are going on a mini break, a much needed weekend away to Centre Parcs.

For me January is a miserable dreary month, I am not one of these people who feel inspired and motivated by the start of the new year, I just feel, well grumpy, pretty much all of the month. Last year we decided to book a little trip away in January as something to look forward to. We had never been to Centre Parcs before but had heard lots of great things about it so we thought we would give it a try. My husband is a lover of the great outdoors, his perfect holiday is to pack up the car and drive somewhere, so this was right down his street. As expected we all loved it, especially the kids (and my husband).

So it was no surprise that we decided to book again for this year. Once Christmas is over it is a little extra treat to look forward to for all of us.  It is funny how much I have changed since becoming a Mum.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our yearly holidays abroad, these is nothing better than feeling the sun on your face, playing in the beach till late and having two whole weeks free to spend together. But now I also enjoy a little mini adventure, driving somewhere for the weekend, a change of scenery, exploring a different place for a couple of days. I love this.

So I am looking forward to a weekend of bike riding, swimming, activities and just having some time out with my family. It doesn’t get better than this!

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  1. I absolutely love Center Parcs we used to go every year but now Mads is at school it is so expensive! I hope you have an amazing time. x

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