Scandal, New Hats and Pancakes #Littleloves

Scandal, New Hats and Pancakes #Littleloves

I feel like I say the same every week but it’s been a cold one hasn’t it!? I don’t actually mind crisp cold winter days, it is the rain that drives me mad.

Here are my #littleloves for this week


I have not read much at all, I need to buy a new book for my kindle although not sure what!


Still in love with Scandal – it is so good, gotta love Olivia Pope. We also watched Insurgent last weekend which we really enjoyed.


The cutest little snoring – my girls are always asking to sleep with me and the answer is usually no but my hubbie was away on Tuesday so I finally let them sleep in my bed with me. Now it wasn’t the best sleep I have ever had but it was sweet to wake up to them and have lots of snuggles. They are just so lovely.


I met up with my bestie on Sunday for some nice food and a catch up – I wore my white blouse which she actually bought me for Christmas.


My girls have also been wearing their new hats which I love and they were only £2 in the sale!



I am back on the soup making, Butternut Squash and chilli is fast becoming my favourite.

We have also been making pancakes for breakfast at the weekend – the girls love it!


And Lastly

Still not feeling January much, I am just so sluggish at the moment. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and get back to the gym in the hope it will perk me up!

Have a lovely weekend x

3 thoughts on “Scandal, New Hats and Pancakes #Littleloves

  1. I love you blouse, looks gorgeous. I’m the same in January, I hate it, feels like I’m just counting down the days until it’s over! xx

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