Sophie from the BFG Costume – World Book Day 2017

Sophie from the BFG Costume – World Book Day 2017

My Meme is growing up. She is wearing trousers and hoodies instead of dresses, watching television programmes instead of cartoons and listening to Little Mix instead of Disney songs. Last year when she was in reception she wanted to go dressed as Elsa from Frozen on World Book Day which was fine, most of the girls in her class were dressed up as a princess.

This year she wanted to go as Sophie from the BFG.

After the initial panic of what she would wear and where will I find some glasses from (thanks Mum!) we actually enjoyed getting her ready and she was so excited, as was I. Our Sophie from the BFG costume was homemade and so simple to put together. She wore a pink nighty, some glasses and she had her hair back. The perfect Sophie from the BFG. ¬†Not the most amazing costume but it worked and she looked really good and of course it didn’t cost a penny.

After a little period of trying to encourage (and then shamefully bribing) Meme to read more often I think we have finally cracked it. World Book Day definitely helped. She has found a love for Roald Dahl books and I couldn’t be prouder.

5 thoughts on “Sophie from the BFG Costume – World Book Day 2017

  1. Ah that’s brilliant, we love Roald Dahl books too. I’ve just started reading Enid Blyton to mine as well. They’re not old enough to read it themselves but we were given a copy of Famous Five for World Book Day and they’re really enjoying it. The costume looks brilliant!

  2. That costume is fantastic and I love the reading on the beach photo. I cannot wait for our children to be old enough for Roald Dahl, I loved his books as a child x

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