World Book Day, Date Night and Lots of Parties #littleloves

World Book Day, Date Night and Lots of Parties #littleloves

It’s March so we can put away our winter coats!! Hmmm don’t we wish this was true. Hopefully some brighter days are just around the corner.

Here are my little loves for this week.


Sunday family film was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – it was the new one with Johnny Depp. The girls enjoyed it but I kinda preferred the original. The new one seems all a little crazy to me – not wanting to sound older than my years but they don’t make them like they used to!


I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book but with a 9 week old baby I don’t think its going to be any time soon!

I have read a lot of party invitations we have received 3 this week. I’m not looking forward to when Alfie is in school as I don’t think we will have any weekends free.


I have been wearing my new bag my husband bought for me which I kinda love. We are hopefully going on a date night tomorrow evening so I am hoping I will be able to find something nice in my wardrobe that still fits!! I will keep you updated!

My baby has been wearing his new Snuz blanket – I love the colour of it.


Harri has been wearing her pj’s – she has been poorly the last couple of days. It is so horrible seeing my happy little girl looking so tired and sad.


A lot of world book day chatter – Meme has had me up the wall with her costume! She had to take the book into school with her and I only realised last minute that we didn’t have it. So I has to do a mad dash to the shops to get one. We had to also send in a picture of them reading the book in a unusual place so I have been running around trying to print pictures out – this school sure keeps me busy!!

She ended up going as Sophie from The BFG and she looked really cool.



We received a Mila and Pheebs craft box this week so we have been busy with that – my girls love a bit of crafty time. A review will be coming soon.

And lastly

Oh I’m tired, so tired. With a new baby and a sick child not a lot of sleep is being had. I am looking forward to the weekend so I can have a little rest and night out with my husband (fingers crossed Harri is feeling better!)

How has your week been?

5 thoughts on “World Book Day, Date Night and Lots of Parties #littleloves

  1. Meme looks fab as Sophie, and Alfie’s blanket is gorgeous! G is 9 months old and the only time I’ve managed to read a book was when we went to Spain in October with the in-laws. I struggle to find the time and effort to watch Netflix, let alone read!
    We’ve had 3 party invites in the past week too, O has a better social life than I do. Have an amazing date night! xxx

  2. Oh my goodness her costume is fab she looks amazing. We can so relate to the birthday invites we went to three this week I am so so exhausted from parties hahaha My kids social life is far beyond my own. lol Hope you have had a lovely weekend #littleloves

  3. I prefer the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too, I love Johnny Depp but he just didn’t do it for me in the newer film! I love your little guy’s snuz blanket- I’ve been eyeing up these for our new baby boy (due in June) too #LittleLoves

  4. Oh bless you, I remember those days of excruciating tiredness and no books being read! Cut yourself some slack though, it took me years to pick up a book again, you’ll get there. I do hope your poorly children are back on form now and you managed that date night. xx

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