Pumpkin Picking

So me and my Harri went pumpkin picking this week – yes I know we are jumping on the bandwagon a little bit but after seeing all the amazing pictures on Instagram I couldn’t help myself. We met some friends and drove to a local ish farm. I surprisingly have never been before which is a little strange as this is right up my street. I also felt a bit mean going when Meme was in school as I know she would of loved it,,,but I also remember having lots of fun activities with her before Harri came along and I definitely think it is Harri’s time to have a little fun with Mummy.

We had a lovely time, although I do think I may have built it up in my head a little. I am not sure what I was expecting to be honest but Harri had a lovely time as did I catching up with my friend. There are only 3 months apart but we don’t live that close to each other so they don’t see each other all that much – but they get on so well it is lovely to watch. Harri spent most of the time bossing Ollie about and telling him to pick up pumpkins for her – I like her style!

So apart from the usual pregnancy sickness and tiredness Β it has been quite a nice week. Although unfortunately it is not half term for just yet, one more week left in school for us and then thankfully a well deserved rest for all of us!

Have you been pumpkin picking yet?

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20 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking

  1. We haven’t yet – though I’m hoping to go in the next week. For us it’s more pumpkin choosing than actual picking but it’s a lot of fun all the same!

  2. We are jumping on the bandwagon too this Wednesday. Its hard not to when everyone has such gorgeous photos! She looks very proud of her pumpkin, I hope you have a nice last week of term, our break has just started and my littles really needed the rest! xx

  3. We’ve been a couple of times the past few weeks – half term means the farm is usually wiped out by actual halloween weekend so we like to get there early – hope you managed to get something even if you were a tad disappointed x

  4. Oh Harri looks SO happy it’s infectious! What a brilliant thing to do – I always think I should take the kids and never get round to it but you’ve inspired me to jump on the band wagon too – it’s a good one! Hope you’re feeling well πŸ™‚ x #livingarrows

  5. ooh this is such a cool little photo. I love her smile and sounds like fun! We have not been pumpkin picking but it is something id like to do. #LivingArrows

  6. Lovely photo! I have to admit I did have a google to see if there was a pumpkin patch near us after seeing all the pictures appearing on Instagram! They’re all a bit too far away from us though. x #LivingArrows

  7. We went last weekend, although still haven’t carved them. Might just paint them and not bother carving them. Seems too much hassle now! Hope you have a good half term #livingarrows

  8. Oh that face – love her! We have never been pumpkin picking. We always say ‘next year’ and it just doesn’t happen, I think because the whole Halloween thing isn’t really something we do x

  9. I had really set my heart on going pumpkin picking this year, but we couldn’t find a patch or farm near us that offered that sort of thing :-(. In the end I cheated and bought our pumpkins from the supermarket… It still provided us with endless fun carving the pumpkins :-). Enjoy half-term, ours is sadly over. Hope you’ll get plenty of rest and are feeling ok. I’ve only got 3 more weeks left at work before I start maternity leave – yay :-). #MyCapturedMoment

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