Halloween at Ness Gardens.

Halloween at Ness Gardens.

Exploring Ness Gardens

I write about Ness Gardens a lot – it really is a family favourite. Situated in Cheshire it is the perfect child friendly place to visit. It is somewhere that you can spend the whole day but we live fairly close so it is ideal for us just to potter there for a couple of hours. We let the girls run free, get some fresh air and take in the views. It’s lovely all year around there but I must admit Autumn is just so pretty.

They have a Halloween trail on for half term so the girls were excited to go and try it out. It did not disappoint, it was amazing and we all really enjoyed it. The girls were given a map with a trail on and they had to follow the clues around the gardens to fill in missing words.  Naturally, the clues were all found in a spooky setting and once they had worked out the missing word they were rewarded with a chocolate treat!

If you are local I can’t recommend Ness Gardens highly enough – we all love it there.


17 thoughts on “Halloween at Ness Gardens.

  1. Beautiful photos. I love it when you have your go to place, that you know has a lot to offer the children and you don’t have to spend all day there. We have somewhere similar and they have themed weeks too. x

  2. Ooh love the idea of the Halloween trail! Sounds fab, that’s the kind of thing I would have LOVED as a child. Actually…. would love it now – ha ha! Love your pictures, especially the cobweb one at the top. You have captured the atmosphere so well. x

  3. What a lovely activity for the children and a perfect looking afternoon to enjoy being in the grounds. I did smile at the Ghosts and Skeletons, I’m sure they are the same ones we used for our Coombe Mill trail this year! Your photos are stunning, I love the one taken down in the leaves of the kids filling in clues. Well done on completing the trail for a chocolate surprise, our children staying here had to fish around in a gruesome cauldron for a token, but that did give them a ride on the Ghost Train. I hope you get to return to Ness Gardens for some Christmas fun too.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  4. The treasure hunt trail sound brilliant, I love it when they provide something extra for the kids to do and keep them occupied. The decorations all look fab too, but I especially love the angle of the photo with the camera on the ground. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  5. And it’s no wonder it’s a favourite go-to place, it looks lovely! It’s nice to have somewhere to go to for some outdoor fun, isn’t it? #countrykids

  6. Sounds like a great adventure and twist on somewhere you go frequently. We didn’t manage to do a special halloween trail this year so it’s on the list for next year #CountryKids

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