Am I ready to have another baby?

Am I ready to have another baby?

It is question many of us have asked ourselves. Am I ready to have another baby? With just a few months left of being a Mummy of two. I can’t begin to imagine what it will be like to have another child however I am sure I felt like that before Harri came along. I remember questioning before trying for a baby with my second child, am I ready to have another baby?

Honestly I can’t remember what life was like being a Mummy of one. It feels like it must have been so easy (it obviously wasn’t) but I am sure when my 3rd comes along I will think 2 must have been easy (and it totally isn’t!).

Am I ready to have another baby?

Here is what I have learned since becoming a Mummy of two:

  • The second child is always treated different to the first. It doesn’t mean that you love them less it’s just the way life goes.
  • Even though they are siblings, half of mummy and half of daddy, they are completely different people and I guess they sometimes need parenting differently. There was a time Harri was constantly being told off and sent to bed whilst Meme very rarely gets told off. Amelia is a rule follower where baby number 2 is at times a rule breaker! I need to handle them very differently
  • They are a team. If I tell one off the other one runs straight to their defence and comforts them. I am automatically the bad guy – it is kinda sweet.
  • They are a tag team. When one sleeps late the other wakes early! If one is settled the other one needs attention. It is exhausting!
  • They always want what the other one has. I used to always wonder why my Mum would always get me and my 2 sisters the same gifts at Christmas and now I get it. We pretty much get two of everything, it makes life so much easier (my Mum still gets me and my sisters similar presents now so maybe you never grow out of this one!)
  • When they get to the age that they can play together it is actually easier than having one. I didn’t quite realise this until Meme went to school and I was back on full time entertainer mode – seriously I breathe a sigh of relief when 3.15 arrives!

Having baby number 2 was the best decision that I ever made. The bond between my children is just so amazing to watch. Don’t get me wrong, they can argue and bicker and if one meets a friend they quickly forget the other. It certainly isn’t all plain sailing but, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to add another one to the mix!!

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  1. Ahh this is a lovely post and ALL so true!! It’s definitely different with two and they are so different in personality. It amazes me that two siblings can be so different even though they come from the same gene pool 🙂 my friend tells me 3 is more of the same and is easier in a way as it’s not as mind blowing as the first two. I *think* that’s the theory anyway 🙂

  2. Beautiful post and I could have written this about my girls. Holly is the little rule breaker too and Alice is the opposite. I agree I didn’t realise how much they play and entertain each other until Alice started school. It’s harder work to entertain Holly now and keep on top of the house. x

  3. Lovely post. I love the way siblings play together and help to entertain each other – it’s one of the best things about having two. It’s amazing how different they can be though, isn’t it? It will be interesting to see how that sibling dynamic will change once your third child arrives 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  4. So exciting, I think it will be wonderful for you all. It’s really interesting to read about what it’s like having two. We just have the one 🙂 Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  5. Aww, this is lovely! I think when you have one child and you imagine having another you always expect that they’ll be a little carbon copy of your first, but of course they have their own little personalities and are often completely opposite! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures with 3 – I hear the move from 2-3 is easier than 1-2 (so they tell me!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. My two boys are so different from each other too and I definitely agree that once they can play together two is actually easier! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  7. What a lovely post! I can’t imagine our lives without Big and Little. And arent you brave, adding a third! Best of luck and I cannot wait to hear about the adventures. I hear from 2-3 isn’t that difficult a transition, but know that i do not speak from experience. #mg

  8. Gorgeous post. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about having three children!! I completely agree about them all being different though, my four are all of them four very different characters, I guess it would be very boring if they were all the same! Can’t wait to discover who baby number three will be for you. #mg

  9. This is so gorgeous! My 2 girls are so similar, yet also so very different, their bond is so strong and they really are always giggling with each other. They read to each other and sit there scratching each others backs like little monkey’s. Their bond I believe will carry through their lives as they remind me so much of my sister and I. Adam being the boy doesn’t share the exact same closeness that the girls have formed, but believe me they all still have an amazing bond, on this holiday they shared a room and the laughter and fun they had was priceless. You will love watching their bond develop with your new little one very soon #mg

  10. Reading this I am willing to have 1 more. Its lovely to explore this phase I guess. I am a mother of a boy now. #mg

  11. What a lovely post. I love that they are a team and I love what you say about their bond. It reminds me of my sisters who are twins – they always wanted what the other had too! #SharingTheBlogLove

  12. I love having two children too. I love that the youngest has started running for a cuddle with her big sister if she’s hurt or upset. It melts my heart.

    Before having my own children, I always said that I would treat all my children exactly the same. As the oldest of 3 myself, I remember thinking how unfair that they younger ones had, for example, a later bedtime than I was allowed at their age. Now I realise that you have to parent each individual child – there is no one-size-fits-all #SharingTheBlogLove

  13. Aw I’m a mum of two aswell, but my experiences are slightly different as there is an 8.5 year age gap! I agree with you seeing the bond develop is just lovely and imagine how excited your two will be to welcome a new sibling x


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