How do you unwind?

How do you unwind?

Since becoming a Mum I definitely struggle to relax and unwind, even once my girls are in bed there is still so much to do – washing, cleaning and ironing to name but a few. I am sure all the busy parents out there will agree that there is always just a long long to do list.

Ratten Direct have recently conducted a survey on ‘what parents do to unwind at home’, you can take part in the survey by following the link below:

Once you’ve followed the link you will see that it’s all about how you unwind, what your Christmas plans are and how you have been affected by Brexit. Here are some of my answers:

  • Once my girls are in bed me and my husband tend to unwind in the living room by putting some candles on, chilling out on the couch and watching a film or even just having a chat. However, we feel can only fully relax in a tidy room – I guess most people feel the same?
  • Me and my little family spend Christmas Day at my parents although we visit my husband’s family in the morning before driving the 40 minute journey to Liverpool. We generally stay the night allowing us to relax and be looked after by my lovely Mamma.
  • I hate to admit it but I am a little ignorant when it comes to Brexit. It hasn’t affected my spending or plans at all. Maybe I need to be a little more aware of our future economy but sometimes I just think life is far too short to be worrying!

Have you had a chance to complete the survey? I am looking forward to hear how you unwind…


This is a collaboration with Rattan Direct.


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