Happy List #11

Happy List #11

The last week of October all done and dusted – can you believe it! It has been a busy busy week there is always so much to do…and we are so ready for a break. Here’s what’s made me happy this week:

  • It’s half term – whoop whoop!! Such a long term and tough when everyone around us seem to have had their half term already – but it is finally our turn!!! Yeah! Also possibly (hopefully) the last school holidays just the three of us – come the Christmas holidays we may have another little cutie joining us!
  • We had such a lovely chilled out weekend – we pottered, we got things done, we had some fun and for once I didn’t feel like I was rushing around.
  • We went car shopping this week in search of a car that will fit us all in! We have found a few suitable options much to my girls delight! They were so excited over a new car – they are just like their Daddy.
  • I have been using my slow cooker and seriously don’t know how I have coped without it! It is so handy because I have the most energy in the morning so can sort out tea nice and early then when the evening comes and I am feeling tired I don’t have to worry about tea – Perfect!
  • I have done a bit more Christmas shopping, the girls are almost done which is a relief as I am soooo tired already I know as my due date gets closer my energy levels are going to get worse.

So now it is a whole week off with my girls with no rushing or school run or ballet class – yeah!!! It is also Halloween on Monday which my girls are so excited about.

What has made you happy this week?

6 thoughts on “Happy List #11

  1. I have a slow cooker and I have never used it! I really need to do something about that, as I love the idea of dinner being already at a time when I am tired and can’t be bothered. Enjoy half term with your girls, we have 2 days left and then Alice is back to school x #HappyDays

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