Finally half term!

Finally half term!

It has been the last week of school for us here after a pretty long term. We are all ready for a break from the school run, after school activities and generally just some time out from routine.

So how have my girls been getting on?

I have to admit, I was worried in September about Meme going back. Starting school last year was hard work and pretty tough for all of us so I was a little apprehensive about it all. However, she has been like a completely different child since starting year one. Maybe it is because she is older or just (finally) used to the routine of school or maybe it’s even because she has a different teacher – who knows but she is happier, more confident and more adventurous this year. She wants to attend parties and discos which was unheard of last year – dare I say she is finally feeling settled? I feel like I have my lovely little girl back, which just fills my heat. I am sure that we will still have some issues but I am happy that it all seems a little easier.

Harri started a new  pre school back in September, going for 2 ½ days instead of the one day she was doing previously in nursery. It is funny because she still seems so young but I am aware that she will be starting school next year so I want to get her a little used to the school setting and attending a couple of times a week. Harri seems to be doing fine, she is so different to Meme. Harri doesn’t like doing things on her own, she always likes to have a buddy to play with but she seems happy enough and comes out happy and smiling so I think she is ok. I am, however, looking forward to her parents evening so I can have a little chat to her teacher about her development. I can’t believe that my baby is growing up. I can actually imagine her in her school uniform with piggy tails in her hair starting reception next September – it scares me at how fast it is all going.

So it has been a successful term and we have a week of fun planned with lazy mornings and play and definitely no mention of school!!


7 thoughts on “Finally half term!

  1. What a gorgeous photo, with the little head tilt. I’m so pleased its finally your half term, that was a long term for you. Sounds like your girls are making you proud. Enjoy your week together, can’t wait to hear all about it x #theordinarymoments

  2. That was a long half term for them. Glad Meme’s settled in better this year. N is also year but still isn’t a party fan – he went to 2 plus his own last year (one of which he refused to join in), but so far this year has refused to go to 3 because of what they were/whose. He also has never been to a school disco. That seemed to be the norm for reception kids last year, but he’s so far refusing to do the Christmas one this year so we’ll see if he changes his mind or not. #livingarrows

  3. Oh have a lovely half term! My eldest has just gone back to school after half term, roll on Christmas holidays! I’m glad Meme has settled into school now, hopefully she’ll have many happy school years ahead of her.

  4. That’s so great that Meme is settling in so well this year, it’s awful when they’re unsettled at school. Lovely photo of the two of them! x #LivingArrows

  5. Awww what a sweet photo of the two of them together. Half Terms always seemed to last so long when I was at school and now the same number of weeks flashes past!

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