Our Halloween 2016

Our Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of my girls favourite times of the year. They absolutely love it! The carving of the pumpkin, the shopping for their outfits, the Halloween crafts, trick or treat, the annual Halloween trail we do…. me and Harri even added in a little bit of pumpkin picking this year! I suppose it is a big deal for little ones.

Of course it doesn’t always go quite to plan…we always carve the pumpkin too early and it ends up being thrown out before Halloween, we couldn’t get the outfit Meme wanted in her size so her cat costume is sooo big (but she loves it anyway) and, typically, all the pictures I took on Halloween turned out blurry! Our life isn’t quite the Instagram dream but it is real!

We celebrated this Halloween at my parents house with their cousins so they could all go trick or treating together and they loved it! Here is a glance at our Halloween 2016:

How was your Halloween?



13 thoughts on “Our Halloween 2016

  1. We didn’t make it to the pumpkin field this year, so we went to a farm shop instead and carved them two days before. The kids loved trick or treating we went with a friend down some local streets. I had to through my sons pumpkin out as it was going mouldy. Big mistake! He cried for half an hour because I’d thrown “his friend” away. Sarah #whatevertheweather

  2. Oh how lovely. I’ve seen loads of fab pumpkin photos but we didn’t manage to find anywhere local to go pumpkin picking. I’ll have to put more effort in next year.

  3. It sounds like they had an amazing Halloween! Love the witch costume! We had a great Halloween too, although it did rain whilst we were trick treating and the boys didn’t say one word of their songs or dance and instead left it to their friends (which is why we always go with friends!). Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. Sounds like a lovely Halloween and Harri looks amazing in her witches outfit. the photos you have are gorgeous, though I find it strangely reassuring to hear they didn’t all come out pinterest perfect, sometimes enjoying the occasion has to come first and it sounds like you did this. I had to shuffle through mine to find the OK photos to post, there were so many full of excited kids dashing around and way to much blur, but I didn’t want to stop them for the sake of a photo.

    Thank you for sharing your Halloween with me on #CountryKids

  5. Stunning photos. Looks like you had a great Halloween. Ours was non-existent for a few reasons but we usually head into the city for the Spooky City Parade and entertainment. Hopefully next year…


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