Me and my Mum – Ordinary Moments

Me and my Mum – Ordinary Moments

Throughout my life, the ordinary moments of going to school and playing in the garden, and extraordinary moments like my wedding day and the days I had my own babies, my Mum has been there throughout.

I have always been incredibly close to my Mum. Me and my sisters never had that teenage ‘we hate our parents’ stage, we honestly have always been best of friends. However, I found a whole new respect for her since becoming a mum myself. It wasn’t until this point that I realised how much my Mum sacrificed for me and my sisters. We always came first, we still do.

She met my Dad when she was 19 and by the time she was 25 she had 3 children under the age of five. She didn’t drive and my Dad was in and out of work, money was no doubt tight. Me and my sisters were oblivious to how tough life must have been for her, how hard it must have been to have 3 young children at such a young age with no mum of her own to help. How lonely and isolated she must have felt at times, all the insecurities and worries I feel as a mother she may have experienced too. We obviously as children had no idea. She was our Mum, a figure of love, authority and confidence. Our lives were filled with love and fun. We were happy. We were safe.

She was a stay at home mum, which I remember well and I loved, there was nothing better than coming home to her after school and chatting about our day. She is the reason why I chose to be at home with my Children whilst they are young, I want them to feel the same security I had. The same security I still feel, my Mum is always on hand to help. When you are younger you always look to your Mum to make things better, I see it with my girls if they fall, a hug and a kiss from me always makes them feel better.  When they are scared they come to me to reassure them and when sad they come to me to cheer them up. I still feel this way about my Mum, she is still the person I phone when I’m happy, sad, poorly or unsure. At the age of 34, I still depend on her so much. I am not sure who I would be without her.

She has inspired me in so many ways, she has made me the mum that I want to be. I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life. Thank you Mum.

13 thoughts on “Me and my Mum – Ordinary Moments

  1. She sounds like a wonderful mum. I’m actually a lot closer to my mum since I had my girls and feel very lucky to have her here for us.

  2. What a lovely post, I think as a daughter your relationship with your own mum changes when you become a mother yourself, you start to see them in a whole new light.
    Hope you’re having a lovely Mothers Day. xx

  3. Such a lovely lovely post and so many of these things ring true for me and my Mum. She truly is the best and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. I hope you both are having a lovely mothers day. xx

  4. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. I never had this and never will with my mum but I hope and pray that I am a good enough mum to have this with my girl. Would love to have this linked up at #TreasuredMoments if you’d like to, it’ll melt people’s hearts

  5. this is a stonily written post, just beautiful. I feel the same about my mum, we are so blessed

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