A Roadtrip

A Roadtrip

I can’t remember the last time we had a free weekend where we haven’t had sickness or a party to attend or my husband has had to work. So when we realised the weekend just gone was completely free and we were all feeling well and healthy we decided to go on a mini road trip. I wrote about my families love of adventures here.

We decided to go to Llandudno in Wales, we only live about an hour away and we go quite often in the Summer months. I am lucky enough to have a good friend who owns a bed and breakfast there (which is pretty lovely – if you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in Llandudno) so we decided to book for the night.

The girls were so excited, there is nothing quite like staying away for the night when you are younger, such a big adventure. We spent the weekend running on the beach, playing in the park and of course buying a treat from the toy shop.

We wanted the girls to experience Llandudno in the evenings. I remember when I was younger, the excitement of staying up late and pottering around on the pier and going to play on the penny machines in the arcades. Whilst it was quite quiet in the evening due to it being out of season, we still had the opportunity to take the girls to the arcade which just like me they loved.

I have so many fond memories of British holidays – ice cream on beaches, staying up late in arcades, fairground rides, buying a tacky toy from a little gift shop. I want my girls to experience this too.



24 thoughts on “A Roadtrip

  1. Free weekends are amazing, we don’t get many of them here at the moment. We’ve got a black cross on the front door at the moment with all the bugs we’ve had recently, it’s been awful. Next weekend is looking free at the moment and I’d love to get out and about – we’re lucky to enough to live quite near the coast anyway, so hopefully it’s a sunny weekend. Love the girls hats and coats by the way, they’re too cute! xx P.S That B&B looks lovely x

  2. Oh yay I’m so glad you got away for the weekend – free from parties or colds! Llandudno looks lovely – it’s great to bring the kiddies back to somewhere you went when you were little. All of the memories come flooding back. Gorgeous photos. #PointShoot

  3. Love these photos and I love a good impromptu road trip. We used to live in Llandudno and I loved it in winter when it was quiet and you could walk on the beaches of an evening. You did have to be wrapped up though! Sounds like a lovely little break and I bet the girls loved it xx

  4. We funnily enough did the very same thing at the weekend, we just decided to go to the seaside as we had no plans. Those spontaneous trips are sometimes the best ones. Sounds like you had a lovely time. x

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