A Roadtrip, A Gingerbread Man and a Ballet Class #LIttleloves

A Roadtrip, A Gingerbread Man and a Ballet Class #LIttleloves

Oooh it’s so cold at the moment and to make matters worse our boiler has been broken. I have honestly spent the week shivering under a blanket. My Sister told me that apparently we are going to have a heatwave next week….here’s hoping!

Here are my #littleloves


I haven’t read all that much this week, after our little roadtrip at the weekend I have felt exhausted. We have also had a week of early rises and a few nightmares from Meme so it has been a tired one for sure.

I am thinking of buying ‘Light is the New Black‘, I have heard lots of good reviews about it. I have never been one for self help books as such but I do feel really drawn to this one.


Nothing new, still a little obsessed with Scandal and I’m getting into the new series of TOWIE, trashy tv at its best.


I have heard the waves crash on the beach and the seagulls in the sky. I have heard the sounds of the arcade. Such a lovely weekend in Wales, I would love to step outside my door and be on the beach.



Oh it has been freezing, especially on the beach so I have been wrapped up in a big coat and wellies.



We made, well – decorated – some gingerbread men. It was quite a nice after school activity. I have found coming home and all sitting around the table doing some crafts and having a chat is quite a nice way to end the the school day. It is also a good way to understand a little bit of what Meme has done – some days it is like trying to get blood out of a stone, apparently she does nothing all day!


And lastly

My lovely Harri has her first ballet class tomorrow which I am so pleased about, after years of traipsing around after Meme it is finally her turn!

Have a lovely weekend!


11 thoughts on “A Roadtrip, A Gingerbread Man and a Ballet Class #LIttleloves

  1. Aww hope Harri enjoys her ballet class. I love decorating gingerbread men with my little one, so much easier than making them too! Looks like you had a fab time in Wales, despite the cold. I’ve always wanted to visit Wales but never got round to it. Hope you have a good weekend x

  2. Aww, how sweet, Harri’s first ballet class, I hope she’s enjoyed it. It does look bitterly cold in Wales, you’re very brave for getting out there, I think I would have found a coffee shop and stayed nice and cosy. xx

  3. Ha! I used to say my youngest did nothing at school, you would still think the same. I still love doing crafts with the girls, and having a good chat. I hope your boiler is fixed, although it has definitely gotten warmer. I would love to live on the beach too, in any weather, the changing landscape would be lovely xx

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