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There is nothing that my husband likes more than a road trip, we actually all do. We pack the car full (and I mean full!!! If you passed us the road you would definitely stop and stare!), we charge the kids ipads and, of course, we take a whole lot of food because, as we all know, as soon as you are five minutes down the road I will hear the familiar cry of ‘Mummy I’m hungry!’ We take colours and books and, not forgetting, our favourite teddies to snuggle up with when we get tired.

Whilst I am in charge of packing all the essentials for our road trip my husband is in charge of making sure our car is fully prepped for the trip This is probably something we never did before we had kids. We all know pre-kids you are a little more careless and you throw caution to the wind. You certainly don’t worry so much about tyres or car maintenance, yet now we are carrying extra precious cargo well, we need to make sure we are travelling safely and, more importantly, equipped for our journey ahead! The tyre pressure, the tread and also the terrain we will be driving on are all important factors we need to keep in mind, not to mention the potential weather conditions.

Congestion is something else we need to consider. Especially when travelling to big cities like London, the roads are just there sometimes adding hours on to your journey. And if your tyres are not right, it can cause trouble when you are out on the road. There are many local garages which can help you get your tyres fitted correctly and will also guide you in selecting tyres which are suitable for your vehicle. One such place is DAT tyres and they offer top car tyres on their website for London drivers.

In the past we have definitely neglected our tyres and this has resulted in overflation, consuming more fuel and I don’t want to think about the accidents that could of happened due to not having the correct tyres.  So now before we take a long journey we always make sure that our tyres are up to standard. You should too.



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