How to Add Designer Touches to a Room

How to Add Designer Touches to a Room

From bathrooms to bedrooms, every room in your house can have an exciting designer flair. When designing a room, it can be simple to overlook the basics. However, the basics can be just as beautiful. By adding a few simple touches, you can be sure to give each room an individual flair and hide the often unsightly necessities. Here’s how to add designer touches to any room


We’re all familiar with the argument of paint on their walls vs wallpaper. However, it all comes down to personal preference and what theme you’re after. For instance, you can include both for optimal harmony. Use wallpaper on one wall so that it turns into a feature wall. Finish with painting the other walls a more subtle colour. This is a great way to balance patterns as well as bold colouring without going over the top.


Keeping warm is vital, but radiators are also a unique way to bring extra personality to your home. No longer do you have to settle on the usual radiators, rather you can now enjoy vertical radiators, for instance. At Warmrooms, they focus in a range of designer radiators such as blackboard and patterned radiators that can add an interesting feature to your walls as well as having practical uses. For instance, the blackboard radiator allows you to scribble down all your notes while also bringing heat to your room.

Kitchen Equipment

No longer does kitchen equipment have to be purely practical. By investing in a practical yet designer range of kitchen equipment, you will be assured to bring a collected and smart element to your cooking. For instance, you can invest in Smeg appliances, which are quirky and stylish, but also practical. Kitchen equipment and gadgets can now range from the patterned to the glossy, with many large companies producing matching sets in exotic colours and designs. Therefore, you can bring style to your meals and ensure that you are ready for dinner parties and guests, whether you want to invest in matching saucepans or a beautiful vintage tea set.


If you want to splash out on designer without having to check your bank account or change your existing furniture, then adding textiles to your rooms is a great and simple way to bring life back into your room. Designer textiles can include rugs, cushions and even curtains, and you can even get matching sets which can provide your room with an extra ounce of elegance. By adding bright and exotic colours to your room, you will add instant interest and vibrancy while creating a comfortable and relaxing environment to enjoy.

Adding designer touches to your room does not have to be difficult. By following these simple steps, you will soon be well on your way to creating a wonderful and unique designer atmosphere for your house. Remember not to lose sight on the theme and colour scheme you are hoping to add to your home.

Do you have any tips to add designer touches to a room?

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