Me and My Meme

Me and My Meme

I have been incredibly lucky to have my Meme off school with me for the last week. Unfortunately Harri has still been in preschool as her Easter holidays haven’t started yet. Whilst we miss having Harri off with us it has been so nice to have a little bit of time with my eldest. Harri and Alfie take so much of my time and I know she misses spending time with me, and I really miss her.

I wanted to do something nice with Meme, she is such a good girl and her teachers have nothing but praise for her at school. I decided to take her wall climbing with one of my friends and her classmate. Meme is a little bit of a monkey she is always climbing so I knew she would love this! She was pretty amazing and her can do attitude makes me feel so proud. She tries everything and has no fear – I love this about her.

Meme climbing at Boardroom Climb

It has been a good week, she brings such calm to our house and I just love having her home with us. My Meme.

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14 thoughts on “Me and My Meme

  1. Aww it’s so lovely to have these moments together, I try to make sure that I have quality time with each of the children where possible. It is hard with more than one child, but making time is always so lovely. She looks so happy in this photo! #mg

  2. I love how fearless she is! I think I’d be a bit iffy about a climbing wall myself to be honest! I can imagine how lovely it is for you to be able to have that time with her, that’s something that I really want to try and achieve once I have two, but I fully appreciate how difficult it is to carve that time out. #livingarrows

  3. Lovely photos. I keep meaning to look in to getting N to try rock climbing wall. But never manage it on days we have ‘free’ time #livingarrows

  4. She really does have the sweetest little face and her nature clearly goes with it. I think all of our children benefit from that special time together and once other children come along, the eldest seems to get the least. Lovely capture at the top of Meme. xx

  5. That’s frustrating that they’ve got time off at different times. I imagine it would be even harder if you wanted to go abroad too! Lovely to see that you both benefitted from some mother and daughter time. #mg

  6. She has the most beautiful face, so photogenic. I am so glad you had this opportunity to have this precious time with her, it is hard with 3 I know. Making special time for each is so important, as it time all together. My eldest loves climbing too, my middle on not so much. I actually haven’t taken Adam yet. Enjoy these precious moments they are the best memories we create. #mg

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