Exploring Fairytale Kingdoms with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Exploring Fairytale Kingdoms with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Thank you to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic for inviting us along – we loved every second of it.

Before we had children me and my husband often visited the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to watch a show. My husband is quite the musician and loves listening to a live orchestra. When I received an invitation for me and my family to watch a show ‘Sing along with Santa’ I was quite intrigued. It was amazing. but I was a little worried whether my girls, especially Harri, would be interested. I needn’t have worried – they loved it!

Explore Fairytale Kingdoms

So when we were invited to return to see ‘Explore Fairytale Kingdoms’, we all jumped at the chance and were not disappointed. As soon as we arrived we where greeted by some Disney Princesses, much to the delight of Harri who rushed over to say hello. The show began with the music to Beauty and the Beast which was amazing, It was mesmerising. The sound of the orchestra is just stunning.

We were introduced to the presenter and court jester who, may I add, was excellent at keeping the children’s attention. Encouraging them to make actions during the songs and sing along. We were then taken along the journey of characters attending a grand ball.As each person arrived, the orchestra would play their song. It was really good and encouraged little ones to use their imagination. The music was just beautiful with Pocahontas ‘Colors of the Wind’ being my favourite. Harri of course preferred the Frozen medley where she sang her little head off.

The good thing about the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic family shows is that they only last around an hour, which is the just about the right time before children start to get a little bit restless. It had such a relaxed atmosphere. Children can still chatter and sing whilst listening to the music.

It was a really good afternoon. I love that I am showing my children something a little different. Encouraging them to listen and enjoy classical music whilst also introducing them to new experiences.



8 thoughts on “Exploring Fairytale Kingdoms with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

  1. This sounds like a brilliant event by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. It’s great that they are encouraging children to get involved and hopefully help children their love for music at an early age 🙂

  2. This sounds absolutely wonderful! The Disney theme is right up my street (sadly not for Max just yet – he’ll watch 15 minutes of Toy Story before saying that’s enough), but it sounds like they’ve really made a big effort to gear it up for children and what they enjoy. I used to go to concerts all the time and would love to be able to take Max – maybe in a year or so’s time it sounds like something like this would be perfect.

  3. This sounds wonderful. I am a musician and I love listening to a live orchestra or concert band. Disney is a great way to get kids interested in music too. An hour is plenty time for them to enjoy it without getting too fidgety

  4. It sounds amazing. My girls would have loved the disney princesses too. Beauty and the beast is a favourite of Alice’s and mine. I agree an hour is just the right amount of time before they need a break. I love being able to take my girls to shows like this, I really enjoy them too x

  5. This sounds amazing and something that I would love to see. I think Eva especially would adore it, she had just got into the theatre where as Megan is still a bit fidgety and impatient!! I love the idea of a Disney theme, it sounds perfect!

  6. I would never have thought about taking children to see and listen to something like this. Which is blinkered on my part I feel! It sounds ace and like they have thought about their younger audience as well. I will have to see if there is anything like that local to us.

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