Easter holidays, Meme and planning adventures #littleloves

Easter holidays, Meme and planning adventures #littleloves

It has been the first week of the Easter holidays for Meme and it has been just lovely!! Harri’s preschool has not yet finished so it has been nice to have a little time just with my Meme for a couple of days – I really miss her when she is in school.


I’ve been watching Big Little Lies which is good and I am looking forward to see what happens next.

I also watched a really good film with Jennifer Lawrence in called Passengers – have you seen it?

I watched my Meme go wall climbing. I have struggled to take her before as we usually have Harri with us in the holidays but as Harri hasn’t finished yet Tuesday was the perfect opportunity. It was no surprise that Meme loved it! She went right up to the top which made me feel a little nervous!! My girl has no fear!Meme wall climbing littleloves


We had a really long road trip to Devon at the weekend so I had a good read of my Grazia Magazine.


I just love listening to Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Castle on the Hill’. We also tend to have the Trolls soundtrack on a lot at the moment!!

I have been listening to my lovely boy giggling – it really is the cutest sound.


Ripped jeans and ballet shoes, the weather was so lovely at the weekend. Although not quite warm enough to get my pasty white legs out just yet!

ripped jeans and ballet shoes #littleloves

The girls wore their swimming costumes and went for a splash in a outdoor pool at the weekend – for a moment it actually felt like we were abroad (then the sun hid behind a cloud and I was brought right back down to reality!)


After our little adventure at the weekend we are on a mission to try and explore our lovely country little more. Meme has made a adventure tin which me and my husband have to put a pound in each day to go towards our next little trip.

And lastly

After a fun busy family weekend, we have had such a lovely lazy week of play dates and pottering. I just love the holidays, although I don’t think my bank balance could cope with more than 2 weeks off. How I will cope in the Summer I have no idea!!

How has your week been?

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  1. Oh fab shot of the wall climb. Driving to Devon hope you got some good weather. I drove to Brighton this weekend from Preston it was long but got lucky school holidays meant little traffic and gorgeous sunshine both days there and back. I love road trips. Hooray for Easter holidays today is our last day of school than we are off to ireland to see family. Apologies if I missed last weeks post I am catching up with them today too. Happy weekend and Happy Easter! #littleloves

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