Landscaping Ideas For Summer 2022

Landscaping Ideas For Summer 2022

Can you believe how fast summer has come! ?! I feel like it just flew here! Why not make the most of the warm days and cooler nights and give your backyard a makeover?! Don’t neglect your yard, water your yard, cut the grass! Here are four really cool ways for you to update and enjoy your own space:

1) Outdoor Furniture

You can make any space cute with a little change of scenery with furniture. I love the outdoor line at Target and there are some great pictures on amazon too! Add a pop of color or choose a theme. Switch up the seats or add a canopy or umbrella. If you have existing furniture, find a different way to place them around your patio area. You can have a couch in one section and a few chairs and a coffee table in another to add various seating for guests. Here are a few of my favorites:

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

2) Remake Your Deck

If your deck has been needing a much needed makeover over the last few months, now is the time to do it. You spend a ton of time outside with your pets, kids, friends, neighbors and family. It would be awful to host a gathering and realize that where everyone steps is not safe, secure or even satisfied to even look at. Brazilian Wood Depot has some great hardwoods to not only give you the proper makeover that your deck needs, but also the longevity of the wood lasts longer then you think! You can add various designs with your deck, the hardwood truly speaks for itself and can  give your outdoor landscaping from drab to fab in just a few weeks! The composite deck boards are a crowd favorite! 

3) Fancy lights!

Hang some fairy or bulb lights around or add some ground lighting to brighten up the space — for night time of course. It adds such a great ambiance whether fun or romantic. With the lights, you can stay out late – eat, play, and enjoy! Have a nice dinner, play some games, have a refreshing drink, and above all, have a good time! Another way to add lights around the area is by putting them around the perimeter of your space. This also allows people to see where they are going and adds that soft glow touch you’re looking for. If you have a few focal points you want to be able to see in the dark, add some of these to the trees in your backyard, plants or a porch swing you might have out in the yard. 

4) Plant something!

Yes, that’s right. I’ve heard a lot of people have been having a green thumb since quarantine started! You plant anything from a tree, or just some flowers… how about some fruits or vegetables? It’s green and you can add color with some sort of plants! Even if you don’t feel like digging up dirt to plant, you can definitely add a freestanding plant for some pizazz! It’s also a great way to keep your green thumb in check without having to do a lot of work either, plus it can help you save money on buying produce at your local grocery store or get to know your new neighbors by offering them so fruit or vegetables as a welcome to the neighborhood basket. 

Alternatively sometimes a garden may need more light and and this where a tree surgeon can help. If you are local to Thor’s Trees they have an amazing reputation and offer other services to improve your outdoor space

I hope you found this list helpful! With this list, you can maximize and enjoy your own backyard and patio spaces – especially during quarantine! Of you try it out, please let me share them with me! Don’t forget to take before and after photos. I’d love to see the changes you make. Transformations are so fun! Have you worked on any of these within your home the last few months? Share in the comments below because I’d love to hear what big or small things you’ll be doing to enjoy the last warm summer months together. 

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