Light Fixtures from Elesi

Light Fixtures from Elesi

We are on the countdown to Christmas and frantically trying to get our home ready. When I say ready I don’t just mean putting up decorations. I also mean adding those finishing touches that can easily be forgotten. Hanging up the pictures, clearing out the cupboards and, for us, buying some light fixtures for those forgotten rooms.

Our hall was in desperate need of a new light fitting. However it just never seemed to be a priority despite being the first room you walk into when entering the house.

Thankfully Elesi got in touch!

Elesi Lighting is a British manufacturer, founded on 30 years of collective experience in sourcing and specifying electrical products for residential and commercial installations. They supply electrical and lighting products for the home having a wide range of lights, bulbs, sockets for all different locations in the home.

I love pendant lights and I thought that a pendant light would work well in our hallway. Elesi have pages full of beautiful pendant lights in a range of different colours. I especially like the Ganton Small Vintage Pendant Light. This is a small bell shape pendant which comes in green, grey, black and white. Whilst I really liked the matt black colour I didn’t think it’d match very well with our home so I decided on the grey.

First impressions of Elesi Lighting

The delivery from Elesi Lighting was super fast. My order was processed and my light was delivered the next day. On first impressions the Ganton pendant light was much smaller than I realised (the measurements are H270mm x W 230mm x D230mm). However, once hung, in our hall, it was the perfect size. It looks lovely, the chain makes the light look really expensive as does the shape of the pendant.

Whilst a light fitting in our hall and landing has always been our lowest priority, it’s now the first thing I see when I walk into our home and I love it. I’m now planning to buy a matching one for the landing.

Light fixture


10 thoughts on “Light Fixtures from Elesi

  1. I really like the way fixture looks! the place to shop looks very useful as well, I think I’d enjoy it too

  2. It sounds like delivery was super fast which is handy. The light fixture seems to be a good choice for the hall. A matching one for the landing would work well.

  3. This is beautiful. I am also a fan of pendant lights and I think it really adds character. Thank you for sharing your review of Elesi. Will try to check them.

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