How to have a energy efficient home

How to have a energy efficient home

I think a lot of us have made some home plans during the past 2 years. Being stuck indoors at home during the pandemic it has made us realise what changes and improvements need to made. What rooms need to be renovated and what ways we can have a more energy efficient home. I think everyone is a little nervous about the upcoming energy price hikes. It is definitely time to start thinking how we can ensure we are being as efficient as possible.

Also the past couple of years have helped me discover what rooms we use more. We naturally find ourselves being drawn to certain areas in our home. Therefore I want to focus on what rooms can be improved to make our home more functional. Ensuring that we are making best use of the space.

Home Renovation – Kitchen/Family Room

We love our kitchen family area. It is the most used room in the house. Whilst we have recently changed the interior to give it a little freshen up. My dream would be to completely extend this space allowing room for a huge island. I would install lantern roofs so the room will be filled with lots of natural light creating a spacious and airy feel. An extension would also enable us to have a bigger couch and sitting space allowing us to be more comfortable especially as our three children grow!

Of course no kitchen area would be complete without bi-fold doors. We love bi folding doors and feel these would really open up this room also encouraging us to use our garden more.

While you’re making plans to renovate your kitchen, also consider the ongoing maintenance and efficiency of your kitchen once it’s finished. One thing you don’t want to do is fit out your space with fab new surfaces, taps, and appliances only to have them covered in limescale and watermarks a few weeks later. It’s therefore important to check your water to see if you’re in a hard water area. If you are, it’s well worth considering installing a water softener under your sink which will remove the minerals from the hard water that causes limescale. By doing this, you will benefit from cleaner surfaces, scale-free taps, and appliances will not lose efficiency due to limescale build-up. All this and more will save you time and money.

Introduce a Study.

The last couple of years have completely changed the way we work. I am a freelance writer and my husband spends 90% of his week working from home. Currently my husband works on a desk in the corner of our bedroom whilst I do any work at the kitchen table.

It would be lovely to create another room in our home without actually moving house (we love the location of our house). We are discussing the potential of perhaps looking at a loft conversion – this would be the dream. If not maybe a garage conversion? This is something we really need to think about. A place with a couple of desks in and maybe a couch. A calm chilled space were we can go to worK. Rather than our current situation were we find ourselves having no work/life separation. It would also be helpful for our children to have a place to do homework as they get older.

Our last bit of home improvement would be to replace all of our current windows.

Despite our house being a new build, we have always struggled with drafts in our home. Now with energy prices rising it is something we really need to look at. Ideally we would make sure that we replace our windows with upvc double glazed. To help make our home as energy efficient and warm as possible. Hopefully reducing our bills.

Do you have any home improvement plans this year?

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