How Does the Holiday Season Affect Mental Health?

How Does the Holiday Season Affect Mental Health?

The holiday season is joyous, but it can also bring about much stress and anxiety. The constant planning, shopping, parties, etc., can all be a bit much for the average person to handle. If you have anxiety, the holiday season can represent many triggers. While over-the-counter medications can help, such as Brillia for adults, you may need to watch out for events that may cause panic or worry.
No one wants to admit that the holidays can be triggering, but they can be. There is no shame in admitting you need a break or breather from holiday festivities for your mental health. If there is anything the last few years have taught the world, it’s that mental health is paramount. Still, there are stigmas, which is why so many people have a hard time asking for help, especially during a time of year that is supposed to be happy and light.

May Increase Stress & Anxiety

What is it about the holidays that can increase stress and anxiety? Quite simply, holidays demand more of a person’s attention and often ask too much of some people. For example, as a parent, you are expected to ensure your children have a happy and fulfilling season because the memories they make now will resonate throughout their lives. That is a tremendous amount of pressure to put on only a few days.

Besides being a perfect parent and potentially Santa Claus, others want more of your attention. You will get party invites and be forced into work gift exchanges. The most important thing to remember during the holiday season is that your experiences matter. You need to allow yourself to have the freedom to say “no.” While some people may get let down, they will recover. Your mental health matters, especially during the holidays, which is why you might want to look at the Brillia reviews and pick it up to prevent major anxiety symptoms.

Togetherness Can Help

While a few people might cause some of your anxiety and need for over-the-counter anxiety medication, others may help relieve it. For example, spending time with family and friends can help you relax and laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to anxiety.

True friendship is a gift. When you are around people you love and care for, you likely don’t feel a need to pretend or put on a front. Wearing a social mask is exhausting, and you shouldn’t have to do it with those who know you best.

If the holidays are stressing you out, call the people you are closest to and go out for a drink, cuddle up around the sofa for a movie marathon, play some games, or just sit and be. Anxiety is often the result of stress and fear. Your friends should be a welcome distraction from both of those feelings.

Holidays can cause anxiety and stress because they put more pressure on people to perform. You can settle anxious feelings by being honest and spending time with those you love. Talk to a mental health professional for more information.

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