Happy List #3

Happy List #3

It’s been a long long week, which didn’t help with my return to work after a three week break. I have also been experiencing a little bit of pregnancy sickness which has been a bit rubbish. However, we have had some happy moments too – here we go….

  • My girls spent the day with my parents. Both my parents work full time so my girls very rarely spend any time alone with them. On Wednesday, they booked the day off to help me with childcare on my return to work. They all had a lovely time and my girls were spoilt rotten. I love that my girlsĀ are making fun memories with their Grandparents.
  • My husband is a little bit of a shopaholic. We have so many days when a parcel arrives for him – this week being no different. Although, to my surprise, he had bought me a little treat! I have not had a chance to fully explore it yet but I am very excited!!
  • I wrote this post on falling this week. I generally have an idea of what posts I am going to publish on a weekly basis and then there are times when I just sit down and write one, the falling post being the latter. I was nervous about pressing the publish button as I did not want people to think it was full of self pity – that really wasn’t my intention. Luckily, I have had such a good response from it and it is nice to hear that lots of other bloggers feel the same.
  • Sunshine – it was on my happy list last week and it’s here again! Whoop whoop!
  • I met my friends lovely baby for the first time and had lots of newborn snuggles. She is tiny and reminded me just of my Meme when she was a baby.
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  1. Hooray for sunshine, it’s so nice to finally get some and yesterday was so hot! My husband is a total shopaholic too. We get SO many parcels for him and the we spend weekends going back to shop to give things back! Hope you’re feeling a lot better now, pesky pregnancy sickness x

  2. Newborn cuddles are just the best! Yay for sunshine, we have lots of sunny days this week. I am sorry you have been experiencing sickness, I hope it passes quickly for you x #happydays p.s. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other day, I would love to be blogging friends x

  3. Awww it’s nice when the other half buys treats without you knowing. It’s rare for me so when he does it makes me extra happy! #happydayslink

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, I hope it’s not too bad and it passes soon. I loved your post on Falling – really resonated with me and obviously lots of other people too. Hooray for newborn snuggles too – they’re just the best! #happydays

  5. Hope you feeling better soon hun. I need to read your post on falling. Hope all ok. Bet the baby cuddles were lush. I can’t believe I may be having another one in the next month. Feels crazy. Hope next week is good for you xx #happydays

  6. I just popped over and read your falling post, I think we have all been there. Last year I probably came across as more successful as I did review after review etc etc.. but in all honesty I was miserable. Who needs all of that stress? Your readers don’t know what your stats are so why do they matter? The more I cut back on reviews the happier I became and the more brands (rather than PRs) approached me. Write for you and I promise the rest does follow. Thanks for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x

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