Summer evenings

Summer evenings

There are days when everything seems to fall in to place, Friday evening was one of those. The sun was shining, it was almost the weekend and, more importantly, my husband was working from home so would be able to finish on time without being delayed by the craziness that rush hour brings.

We decided on a spontaneous trip to one of our local favourite places for a little walk, a little drink in the sun and some fish and chips. We had a lovely evening and, whilst we ended up eating our chips inside as it was a little cooler than expected, we all enjoyed ourselves – it was like being on our holidays.

I love these pictures that I took of my girls. I have been enjoying watching them together this summer, they have always had a good relationship but now they are aged 3 and 5 they get along brilliantly (most of the time!).

It has been interesting seeing how much they have changed, especially Meme who just seems to have grown so much in the last 12 months. She has always been the more laid back daughter but these last few weeks she has definitely been testing at times. She is craving adventure all the time, which I love, but we have also had a few instances where she is answering back and rolling her eyes. I try to let it pass as I know it’s all part of growing up but we have had some strict words at times. Harri has been the complete opposite, since she turned three in June she has been like a completely different child. There are not as many tantrums or demands and she is a pleasure to be around, albeit a little bit of a chatterbox. She is ready for her next chapter starting preschool and, although she is more sociable than her sister, I know, unlike Meme, there will be lots of tears on her first day.


I love that we have made so many memories together this summer.



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  1. Beautiful pictures of your lovely girls, Friday was a lovely evening wasn’t it? Although I’m really looking forward to Autumn I’ll miss the light, warm nights and just chilling out in the garden xx

  2. I love evenings like that and fish and chips always makes things a lot nicer 🙂 lovely photos. It’s so interesting to suddenly see them changed, even though we practically see them 24/7. My little z has turned into a boy boy, rather than my preschooler. Hopefully your youngest will love preschool x

  3. Gorgeous pictures. We did this a few weeks ago and had a fish and chip picnic in the evening. It’s so lovely when you can make the most of the summer evenings. I hope you can squeeze a couple more in before the sunny evenings disappear. X #theordinarymoments

      1. There’s 2 years between each of mine (apart from the triplets of course) and it’s lovely to see the difference in relationships between them all as they grow up. Meme and Harri look like they’re really becoming the kind of sisters who will be inseperable when they’re older!

        Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

  4. Oh that sounds like the perfect evening to round off the summer holidays – what a lovely treat. It’s one of the nicest things about long summer evenings isn’t it – being able to plan impromptu treats; it’s almost worth putting up with winter dark nights for it!

  5. These are such beautiful close up shots of them. And I totally agree with those impromptu summer evenings- they really are the best. I am so sad for summer to be over soon. x

  6. Lovely pics and as summer comes to an end there are so many changes! I love spontaneous moments and trips out like this that give you a sense of feeling like you are on holiday – its great! Glad you have some lovely moments x

  7. Aaaw such lovely holiday happiness. My girls are 5 and 1 and I just love watching them play together. I hope Harri enjoys starting pre-school and those tears don’t last for long! #WhateverTheWeather

  8. The lighting in these pics are just divine, your girls are so beautiful. My daughters have 3 years between them yet they are so close, I love their bond, even though they are now 12 and 9 they still play and giggle or the time and are sad when each other isn’t around. They also play beautifully with their younger brother I feel so blessed. Your photographs are specials ones worth of framing #whatevertheweather

  9. I love those kind of summer evenings when you can enjoy the sunshine together. It sounds like you all had a fantastic time and lovely how the girls are developing a strong bond too. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  10. What gorgeous photos.
    It’s great that the summer evenings are still here, and you’re still enjoying them with your girls. Sometimes the impromptu, unplanned things we are – the ordinary moments – are some of the best!
    Your girls are beautiful

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