Happy 5th Birthday Harri

Happy 5th Birthday Harri

Last week we celebrated this little lady’s 5th birthday. I can’t quite believe that she is 5, I literally remember the day she was born as if it was yesterday. It has been a big year for my girl with starting school and finding her own little way without Mummy by her side. Whilst I have been a blubbering mess through it all she has took it all in her stride – my little ray of sunshine.

We asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday tea and she declared Frankie and Bennys. Eating out is always a little chaotic at the moment with Alfie and he pretty much cried through the whole of her birthday tea , but I’m not sure she even noticed, she had the best time.

This picture was taken just as the waiter surprised her with cake and some birthday music – her face says it all. Happy Birthday my lovely girl.

Happy Birthday Harri
The morning of her birthday.
With her favourite present


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