What to Expect When Your Child Starts School

What to Expect When Your Child Starts School

Starting school is a big milestone for little people. It’s completely different to anything they’ve been used to so far in their short life. They might be excited or nervous, or perhaps a mixture of both. You probably feel the same as their mum or dad. It would be a good idea for you to prepare as much as possible so that you know what to expect. I have teamed up with a prep school in West London to help you understand some of the things you can expect when your child starts school. 

New Routine

One of the biggest changes you can expect when your child starts school is a new routine. This will take some getting used to for the whole family, so you may have to iron out some kinks here and there. Your child will be more tired than usual so make sure they have a nice early bedtime. It might also help if you lay out their uniform and pack their lunch the night before so that you’re not in a rush in the mornings. 

New Friends 

Your child will meet lots of new people in the early days of starting school. Therefore it might help them if you arrange some playdates on the weekends or after school so that they can build friendships in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. If they are able to get used to their new peers in an environment where they feel safe and confident. It should be easier for them to settle in at school. 

Heightened Emotions

When big changes occur in your child’s life, they can feel overwhelmed and confused. With that said, they will likely be quite emotional in the early days of school. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be crying all the time; they might be overly excited and giddy, or tired and grumpy. Take it in your stride and make sure you communicate with your child about how they’re feeling so you can find ways to help.

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