My Eldest Child,  Meme

My Eldest Child, Meme

My lovely eldest girl. She is such a treat, she is my sensible child which in a house full of chaos is much needed. She is a huge help keeping a eye on her siblings when I am busy trying to get stuff done. She is so much older than her years and sometimes it is easy to forget that she is just 7.

Last week on my way home from work I received a phone call from the school. Now the last few months I feel like I have had a lot of correspondence from the school but it is always regarding Harri. To my surprise this time they called me to tell me that Meme had fallen and cut her lip and it was really swollen. So I went straight to the school to see how she was and see if she needed to come home.

I found my big girl sitting in first aid looking so small and pale and I honestly I felt like just reminded me how little she was, so much bigger and so much more able than her siblings, but still only a little girl herself.

She was fine, but came home with me for some Mummy cuddles and treats – it was nice to have a little time with her, just us.

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  1. This is so lovely. My eldest is so sensible compared to her two lively brothers and it helps me so much. Although its not great that she’d hurt herself but I’m sure she loved some extra mummy time. #LivingArrows

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