Creating our Home Office.

Creating our Home Office.

I think the last couple of years has shown us that having a space to work from home is a must.

With 3 little ones our house can be pretty hectic. The girls often leave a trail of destruction wherever they go. We have also accumulated so much stuff over the years. Clothes, toys, furniture. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in stuff.

Now my husband is working from home a little more, we need to create a place for him to concentrate and get some work done. A calm haven away from the chaos. A place he can relax, take work calls and ultimately have a moment to think. My husband kitted out his actual office with Office Design Services so we have been browsing there products especially their office chairs to find something for our home.

What else is in our home office?

We started by finding a sofa bed. Perfect for when family need to stay. Also ideal for when my husband needed to step away from his desk. Finding one to fit into our small space was no easy feat. I had the perfect sofa in mind but all the ones I loved were far too big! We eventually found one in Asda Home.  A modern dark grey couch, which I think, when accompanied with a few colourful scatter cushions, looks really cool.

Our next task was a desk. My husband currently uses an old kitchen table to work on which isn’t ideal. So we wanted a nice sturdy desk. Some storage for all the paperwork that we seem to collect and prints for the wall.

Something else that we needed to think about was a photocopier for our office. However we discovered Office Design Services who offered the perfect leasing solutions.

A study for the whole family

Although the study is very much a room for me and my husband right now. We often find the girls pottering around in there which is fine. I know in the future they will be using it to do school work. It is a quiet place that we can all use when we need some time out.

Now our study is almost done I’m looking forward to those cosy Autumn evenings. Snuggled on our couch with a candle burning, reading a book whilst my husband finishes his work.

Do you have a Home Office?

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7 thoughts on “Creating our Home Office.

  1. How great that you could find a space to make into a comfy study for your husband. Like you I’m a laptop on my knees on the sofa kind of girl.

    I’d love to see a picture, I’m always nosing around others homes! Mich X

  2. Ahh I think it’s important to make a comfortable place to work so that you want to go in there and actually do some work! We have just done our study and it’s so much more inviting to me, I just wish it wasn’t as inviting to the kids!

  3. This sounds fabulous, it’s so nice to have a nice place to sit down and work. We’re moving house soon as it have it’s very own study, I am very much looking forward to accessorising it!

  4. My husband works from home once or twice a week and we are in the middle of sorting out his study area in our 4th bedroom. He needs space away from the girls playing to get his work done. I’m a laptop on the sofa girl too x

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