Autumn Walks

Autumn Walks

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love seeing the change of season, the pretty colours of the falling leaves. Searching for acorns and conkers, wrapping up in warm jumpers and having leaf fights with the girls. The past few weekends have been filled with parties, birthdays, adventures away – of course it’s been lovely but I have been craving a little bit of a family day with with no plans. Pottering around, going on an autumn walk, warming up with some hot chocolate.

So last weekend we had a free day, after a slow morning we decided to go to our favourite place Ness Gardens for a little fresh air. Typically as soon as we left the house the rain started, but armed with umbrellas and our wellies off we went.

Even in the rain is was beautiful. We searched for conkers, we collected some pretty leaves, we splashed in puddles and we chatted. It was a lovely afternoon and so lovely to spend some time together as a family.


autumn time at Ness Gardens


Me and my girls in the rain


Alfie in the rain

Harri holding a leaf



16 thoughts on “Autumn Walks

  1. Oh I love Autumn too. I’m particularly loving the autumn sunshine over the past couple of days, isn’t it wonderful? Almost makes up for the Summer we didn’t have!

  2. Such a shame you had to put your umbarellas up for your autumn walk, but at least you still got out and about and looks like you made the most of your autumn surroundings 🙂 #CountryKids

  3. Such lovely photos. Autumn woodland walks are really rather special, there are so many tings to find from conkers to acorns, leaves to toadstools. I think it may be my favourite season for collecting and crafting with nature. Well done on taking that spare day regardless of the rain.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  4. Autumn is my favourite season too, I love everything about this beautiful season, and you’ll find us out and about much more than you would in summer (mainly because there’s less people haha!) x #CountryKids

  5. Wow Nat, the colour on those leave is absolutely stunning! Your little man looks a bit surprised 😉 Gorgeous time of year for walks. xx

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