Meme and Harri starting school

The beginning and end of infants

We are literally just weeks away from the end of another school year. It has been quite a big one really with it being Harri’s first year in infants and Meme’s last year in infants.

It feels like Harri has been in school for a lifetime already, the days of having my sunshine girl pottering around with me feel like such a distance memory and yet I remember the stress and anxiety of her starting in September so clearly.

Whilst it didn’t take her too long to settle in, I really struggled with the change of not having my little girl with me. As I have discovered previously, experiencing things second time around doesn’t make it any easier. Each child is different and I honestly think every September I will feel a little sadness of my girls returning back to school.

However, as mentioned above, Harri has settled in well. She has made friends and, although she may protest about going some days, she seems happy with a huge smile on her face as she skips out at the end of the day.

As for Meme, I can never really tell. She is the sweetest of girls but can sometimes tends to be a little negative about situations. She could have the best day ever but will sometimes focus on a tiny upset of the day. She seems happy enough though.

I think the work has got quite a bit harder for her this year but academically she is doing amazing. We still have a few friendship problems now and again but nothing that I am too worried about.

She had her first residential which she loved (me not so much) and I think she is more than ready for the little more independence in the juniors.

So I wonder what next year will bring. Friendships, problems, achievements, successes, worries, researching tuition rates and googling what age do you buy your child a mobile phone! Who knows, but for now I will be enjoying the summer with my lovely girls who should be very proud of themselves….well done ladies, and that’s a wrap (nearly)!!


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7 thoughts on “The beginning and end of infants

  1. My 8 year-old mentioned getting a mobile phone the other day!! I was shocked and horrifed and said we would discuss it when she starts secondary school. I find it bitter sweet when we get to this time of year. My two have their transition days this week and I’m really nervous for them.

  2. I remember your post from last year about Harri starting school, I’m so glad she’s settled in well and both girls seem to be enjoying it x

  3. I can;t believe it’s the end of the school year already – where has the time gone! I am so sad my daughter is finishing reception but like with all of them it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter too!

  4. This year has flown by and I’m not ready for it to end, as it means we are another step closer to Holly starting in September. I don’t think I’m going to cope well with not having a little one home with me x

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