2017 – What a year!

2017 – What a year!

2017 was always going to be a special year. The first year we became a family of five. It was never going to be easy, a new baby, new jobs and new routines. Even now as we are in the last month I still don’t think that we have found our feet. As soon as we start to feel a little settled, something in life changes and we start all over again.

I have found these last few months hard but I don’t want that to cloud my perception of the year, because truthfully it has been good, really good. This new beautiful boy is now part of our family and I can’t remember a time he wasn’t here. He has completed our little unit and I feel so lucky and blessed that he is here.

Meme has turned 7 and is in her last year of infants. I watch her confidence grow a little each year and I love that she always tries her hardest and strives to be her best. Harri has started school, which, for me, was so hard as I am so used to having her with me for the majority of the week. Such a huge milestone but she is doing fine and is happy. After taking 11 months maternity I have returned to work, which, at the moment, is such a juggling act but I am hoping will settle soon.

2017 has defintely been the year of adventure. When my husband started his new job in January we knew it would entail a longer commute making family time even more precious. With this is mind we made the decision to go on as many adventures as possible, to see new places and take a break from reality as often as we can. I think this may be one of our best decisions we have ever made. We have been to Centre Parcs, Devon, Cardigan, Mijas, Legoland and the Lake District. We have made so many memories together as a family, so many pictures, so many stories. I am hoping that 2018 will be filled with many more.

I feel that each year opportunities will arise and choices will need to be made. Sometimes me and my husband have to make decisions that we don’t feel equipped to make. There is so much responsibility and, even now, we question some of the choices that we have already made. All we can do is weigh up the pros and the cons, trust our gut feeling and hope for the best. My husband’s new job was definitely one of those decisions that left us with many sleepless nights but, a year in, we are doing ok.

Each year will always have moments of sadness, dramas, lost friendships, disappointments, revelations, heartbreak. I feel I have definitely experienced all of these in 2017. However, for me, I have also experienced love, support, happiness, laughter and, for all those people that have disappointed me, there seem to have been an equal number of people who have surprised me. 2017 has been a year which has definitely open my eyes and that’s not a bad thing.

So I will end this by saying thank you for your support, thank you for reading my blog, following me on social media, liking my pictures, answering my tweets – I am so grateful.

All that leaves me to say is Happy New Year – let’s make it a good one!


12 thoughts on “2017 – What a year!

  1. Happy New Year Natalie, I really hope 2018 is a wonderful one for you. I know we’ve said before but I feel we’ve had really similar years – so much joy, but also a lot of frustration and difficulties. I guess that’s all part of having a new baby – I know we’ve re-evaluated an awful lot of relationships on our side too. I really do think that looking back it’s made the happy times stand out so much more though. Although I am hoping that 2018 has a slightly smoother ride in store for us! Thank you for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. Happy 2018 beautiful. You are right each year brings with it highs and lows, somehow we get through it all. Having a new baby is such a joyful time and such a blessing, but I totally agree it is so tough too! I love your blog and I hope you continue to write and share things with us. My hubby changed jobs also las year it was tough and in some ways still is, but we make the most of the time we can share. Sending positive vibes and hugs your way and wishing you a magical year ahead xx Also thank you for linking up with us at #ablogginggoodtime

  3. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun and adventures this year, despite dealing with some tough times too. I hope that 2018 brings you lots more wonderful memories. #ShareYourYear

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