Why you should encourage your child to start a journal

Why you should encourage your child to start a journal

Remember that journal you kept as a child? The one filled with all your deepest thoughts and buried deep under your pillow? That little book helped you build on your academic and social growth! This is why it is so important for parents to encourage their young ones to start writing in their own journal too!

Here is some advice on why you should encourage your child to start a journal.

Journaling is a great way for your child to deal with those big feelings. As a child grows, no matter what age they are, these years can be filled with lots of new experiences and above all emotions. Many children prefer to express their ideas and thoughts privately which is why a journal can feel like the safest place to record these new feelings. Allow your child to pick out their very own journal. Explain that this is a special place only for them and something that they can keep as private as they want.

Journalling helps children with their writing skills. In the same way, those of other
professions improve their skills, writing gets better the more we practise it. Through regular writing, spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar are all improved. Since journals allow your child to write about whatever their heart desires, the control and choice make writing a more appealing task to them. If your child is struggling to write in their journal, help them think of things that they can jot down in the meantime such as a curiosity journal which records everything that interests them. They can also fill the journal with drawings and sketches. It is entirely up to them.

Finally, journaling helps children with their communication skills. Sometimes children find it easier to express how they are feeling through writing rather than speaking it. Developing the right communication skills through writing will also help your child in both their academic and work life in the future.

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