What I’ve been loving – July

What I’ve been loving – July

July July July, it’s been a  really nice month. I feel like I say this at the end of every month but I do quite like that when I think back it’s only the good stuff I remember.  I’m pretty sure there has been lots of upset, tears and cross words this month (as there is every month) but who remembers any of that!?

Here is what I have been loving in July.

1 – Birthdays! Its mine and hubbies birthday in July. I got some really lovely gifts from my friends and family and of course lots of cake was eaten. Another year older…another year wiser (we will see)


2 – The Summer holidays! Yay! No more school run and rushing around, it has been so lovely to take life at a slower pace.

Scoot scoot...
Scoot scoot…

3 –  Me and my lovely man managed to get out for a lovely much needed date night. I wrote a little post about not making much time for each other – a night out together did us the world of good. We have both got a few weeks off in August to spend as a family and I can’t wait.

4 – We had a tiny bit of hot weather. Actually, the hottest day of the year which was nice – sigh – if only it would last a little longer!

5 – I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram. I joined in December and, whilst it feels like it has took me forever, I finally have got there! A little mini milestone for me.

6 – I got a lovely cardigan from Oasis – it was in the sale for £8!! I love it and have been wearing it constantly.

oasis_05735537_1 (1)

7 – I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time and it was so lovely, it brought tears to my eyes. I have also started to feel some little movements, which is exciting. We have our 20 week scan scheduled in August and I can’t wait.

8 – I got to spend some time with my bestie. She has recently had her first baby and has also been poorly so it felt like we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We finally got together just the 2 of us and it was just what I needed. I miss that girl.

9 – We booked a little family holiday. We decided to not go abroad this year to try and save a little money and, although at times (usually when it was raining) we almost cracked, we have stood by our word and booked a little UK break – a cottage in York for a week in August, which we are all really looking forward too.

10 – New make up – I got some lovely new make-up from my friend. It is a benefit set, which I love. They are all mini versions of their make up products and I love trying new things before actually buying the larger version.


So that’s July – lots to look forward to in August – I can’t wait! Although I would like time to slow down just a little.

How was July for you?

15 thoughts on “What I’ve been loving – July

  1. Awww lots of lovely things from this month! How exciting to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time 🙂 Congratulations on hitting 1,000 followers on Instagram. I am still plugging away on that! #MarvMondays

  2. Some little pick of perfection! Congrats on the 1000 followers…must check I’m following you too! There’s nothing more amazing than that heartbeat sound is there? Ah, broody!! 😉
    x #lovelythings

  3. Now that sounds like a pretty fabulous July to me. Enjoy your little holiday won’t you? Hope the pregnancy is going well. It’s amazing hearing their heartbeat isn’t it? x

  4. It sounds like you’ve been having a great time this month – especially hearing the baby’s heartbeat, that is just so magical isn’t it. I am also loving the summer holidays, it’s so lush not to have to do the school run. And not to have to rush about quite so much. xx# lovelythings

  5. Aw what a lovely post Nat! Sounds like you’ve had such a nice month. Happy belated birthday. Spending time with your bestie is always a winner, I spent the day with mine on Sunday at her baby shower. She’s expecting her first baby. How lovely that you heard your new baby’s heart beat too 🙂 What a month! Tor xx #sharewithme

  6. What a lovely list for July, it is magical hearing your babies heart beat it never gets old #sharewithme

  7. Wow! so many lovely things for you this month… we’ve just been back from a little UK break and it’s actually good to explore the country, the highlands and nature.. far cheaper than going abroad, the drive everywhere can be stressful but it’s all worth it. Lovely photos too! #lovelythings

  8. What a fabulous month you have had. Happy birthday to you and your hubby. How amazing to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. And I am so enjoying the summer holiday too. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings

  9. Your July sounds amazing to me, especially hearing the heart beat 🙂 I hope your scan went well when you had it and you’ve had a fantastic holiday. I love a cottage holiday! Thanks for linking up to #TenThings it’ll be open again on the 25th 🙂

    Stevie x

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