My little ball of energy

My little ball of energy

So we have had our first full week of the school holidays and, like many families across the country, we have had a few hard moments but overall it has been really lovely having our Meme with us.

It is quite interesting to see how she has changed so much since last year. Meme is such a girly girl it’s always been about pink, dresses and Disney princesses but the last few months she has developed this adventurous streak.  This has no doubt always been there but as she gets a bit older her fearless nature is becoming more and more apparent.

When we go to the park she is the first at the climbing frame getting herself right to the top passing lots of other children. Quite often they are older than her and, whilst my heart is in my mouth in case she falls, I do feel quite proud of her. She is delicate little girl but yet she is so strong and fearless and I love that about her.

She spent last Wednesday with her Daddy whilst I was working and when they are together they always go on crazy adventures, which usually involve climbing mountains and mammoth bike rides. This one was no exception, they went on a 5 mile bike ride, played on the beach, spent time in the park before meeting me and Harri and having a run around up and down on a grassy cliff.  You think she would be tired after all this but she was still this ball of energy by the end of the day.

She has a real competitive nature, which I think can sometimes be a good thing.  She will try anything and is determined to learn new things as fast as she can. She can run as fast, climb as high, cycle as far as anyone else her age and no doubt older.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when I wish she would slow down or stop beating herself up if she takes more than a few minutes to learn something new.  I do have days when I wish we could just have a lazy pj day at home without her getting bored and restless (rather like my husband!) but I have to accept that I have a high achieving adrenalin junkie on my hands and I kinda like it!!



11 thoughts on “My little ball of energy

  1. It’s lovely that she has an adventurous streak and full of energy. But I can imagine that it is hard to keep up with all the time, especially as she gets it from her daddy and it’s you that to entertain her the most. I hope she lets you have a couple of PJ days over the holidays x

  2. Lovely photo. It’s great she has that fearlessness about her and enjoys being active. Mind you, I do like a PJ day so know which one I’d rather do LOL.

  3. I love the way you’ve described her – what a great quality to have although I am sure it would be nice if she slowed down sometimes 😉 I can’t believe all she did with her Dad, I’d have been exhausted after all that. I am loving having Lucas home for the summer – it is so nice just having him around even with all the squabbles! xx

  4. She sounds like such a little adventurer and you’re so right about discovering them again. It’s really in the holidays, isn’t it, where you discover their personalities all over again. I think she’d get on well with Z. He’s always first on that climbing frame too!

  5. Love this post! Sounds like she had an amazing time and isn’t it great to have daughters with so much independence and flare! Megs is very much like her with the sense of adventure and risky behaviours haha and I agree its wonderful to see x

  6. I love this, she sounds like so much fun! Aspen was always adventurous, whereas April is cautious and more afraid of things like rides etc. It has always kind have been that way, Aspen was running at 11 months, April didn’t walk until 16 months. Adam is more like Aspen, but I think Aspen remains most fearless. Funnily enough though Aspen was scared of people for the longest time. Meme is adorable!! thanks for linking up #mg

  7. Oh my gosh, how is she not completely exhausted by the end of the day?I’m tired just reading about all the things Meme gets up to! My boy has loads of energy too, although a good splash around in the swimming pool normally wears him out xx #mg

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