Blogging Goals #2

Blogging Goals #2

So I think I need to set myself some more blogging goals – I wrote this blog post a few months ago and had some great feedback and tips. It took me a lot longer that I thought it would take but I finally feel like I have made a little progress. Here is how I got on:

  • Learn how to schedule Tweets – This I have managed to do and I am getting much more interaction from it which is great. I still need to work on increasing my followers but It will happen in time and I am fine with that.
  • Learn about what plugins would be beneficial to my blog and install them – I haven’t done this one yet.
  • Look at link ups and see what ones work best for my blog and keep a record of what days the link ups are – I have varied what link ups I use and I have a bit more of an idea what is working for me a bit more. I think I have varied my blog content which has allowed me to use different linkys.
  • Pinterest – I aim to spend some time to get my head around it and hopefully begin to establish myself on it. I haven’t touched Pinterest since writing this but with my time restrictions and lack of knowledge of Pinterest I think this is one that I will look at in the long term future.
  • Sort out my pictures – I am a bit more organised on this front.
  • Make my blog more accessible – This is done and I am delighted with it. It has definitely helped with my reader enagement.

So I think I did ok. There was comment left from one of my favourite bloggers Jess who simply said don’t overdo it as there is always so much to do. True words – lets face it we could work every day all day on our blogs and still have so much to do. It is never ending.

At the moment I am barely skimming the surface. There is so much that I want to do but I am so restricted by time. I don’t have any child free time so any blogging work has always been done in the evening but now I’m pregnant I am definitely struggling with my energy levels.  However all that said I feel like I have been making progress and whilst I still have lots to do I am starting to feel a little bit more positive about my little blog’s future.

I am aiming to do a little blog goals every quarter to try and keep me focussed:

  • I have finally joined Facebook – I have not promoted it yet or even linked it up with my Instagram site but I have joined Donna’s Facebook bloggers group and I feel like I have learnt so much already – it’s amazing! I would like to spend some time developing this platform.
  • Approach some of my favourite brands – this fills me with fear as I am still a tiny little blog compared to other ones – but – why not? I’m just going to try nothing venture nothing gained, the worst they can say is no and it is all a learning curve.
  • Build my Instagram feed – I am losing my love of Instagram, Seriously for every follower I gain I feel I lose another two. I can’t deal with all the follow to unfollow it drives me mad! However I love looking at picture and I love taking them so I am going to try and be a little more consistent with posting and commenting and go from there.
  • Try and build up a bank of posts so when I am tired or poorly I will have post ready to publish.

I think this is a realistic amount so lets see how I get on. Do you have any blogging goals?



31 thoughts on “Blogging Goals #2

  1. There is so much to try and remember though, isn’t there! I just use Instagram for fun and don’t worry about my followers and they have grown (although very slowly) I think the key is being consistent, like you say 🙂 #Bloggerclubuk

  2. You’re right – blogging can be a bottomless pit of jobs to work on and improve. There is always something that can be done or a new avenue to explore. I don’t think you need to be worried that you haven’t fully realised all your goals yet – it actually takes quite a lot of self-discipline to see this as a long-term project and just being happy to do what time allows you to do. It sounds like you’re making great progress, though. I haven’t branched out from Twitter yet, which I probably the next thing I need to do. #SharingTheBlogLove

  3. Many of these goals are my blogging goals too, but like you say it is important not to overdo it. Blogging can be all consuming at times! #ablogginggoodtime

  4. You are so organised! I wish I had that in me. I sort of just go with the flow but at the back of my mind, I keep thinking I ought to get more organised too 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  5. Such a good idea to set yourself blogging goals, I have so much I want to do but am really struggling to find the time at the minute and when I get a chance at night I’m usually too tired. Definitely try approaching brands, it’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. I’ve only done it three times, twice I was ignored but one responded and led to something really lovely. Good luck xx

  6. Well done you sound very organised. The pregnancy tiredness is tough isn’t it. I have a drafts folder but am full of ideas so I never use it, but for me it is finding time to write that is the most difficul. All of the blogs I read are family/mum blogs so it helps me to know we’re all in the same boat. 🙂 #thelist

  7. One of my current blogging goals is to get better at pictures and have proper size images for the blog, for pinterest, facebook and instagram. I’m playing with Canva now, a tool that help create these images, maybe you’ll find it useful too. #bloggerClukUK

  8. Very realistic and SMART aims for the blog – you’ve made me consider mine – I may need to explore Instagram and Pintrest – I have always avoided them! #ablogginggoodtime.

  9. I think you are doing amazing have 2 children and being pregnant. With blogging the To Do List just never ends, you could just go on and on!!! I did get to a place where I had 4 blog posts banked ready for when I needed them, but then I did need them and I haven’t been able to get to that place again. I hate the whole follow/unfollow, I don’t understand why people do it, why they can be bothered and how they find the time!!! I love instagram, but just for the photos not for my blog. hashtags have really helped me build my following, but its been slow. Thank you do much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

  10. I don’t have blogging goals. I just I don’t have time for that, and only follow people who’s feedaim to better what I’ve done before, although the last 3-4 months have been a shocker in terms of views.

    IG is reall annoying at the moment for people unfollowing. But worse is those who then refollow again. #ablogginggoodtime

  11. There is always so much to do! You are doing it right, slow and steady. I try and do this and then I get excited by it all again and pull a late night doing things that could have waited. Ive not approached brands yet and have decided that I am going to try not to as I have too much to do. If I am contacted randomly then I’ll consider (this has happened!). Good luck #sharethebloglove

  12. I’ve got so much to learn still. Instagram is my fav place to be besides working on my blog. I love pretty images and love seeing everyones lovely feeds, I just find it such a happy place. I am so bad at scheduling anything. I know I keep hearing I should schedule tweets and even my blog posts, but I live so much in the moment, sometimes I feel like a scatter brain, but I’m happy so I guess that is what counts #thelist

  13. These sound like great goals and you already have so much on your plate with kids, being pregnant etc. Try not to be too hard on yourself! I’m working on readership and trying to engage with people more. I also want to put together a proper schedule rather than just writing random posts. Good luck with your goals! #KCACOLS

  14. Good luck with everything. I have a youtube video going live soon about blog organisation which shows how I schedule tweets if that will be of any use to you. I think Jess is right, the thing with blogging is that there will ALWAYS be more to do no matter how you achieve…you do have to cut yourself some slack sometimes.
    I totally am with you about Instagram…I feel like I lose 2 followers for every one I gain too! #KCACOLS

  15. This is great – I am right with you here, there is so much to do besides actually writing, it’s so hard to remember everything. I would also love to do a bit more research into the linkies that are best for my blog and plugins too. I recently learned how to schedule tweets and blog posts too for when I have busy mornings and it is helping a lot…xx #ablogginggoodtime

  16. You’ve. Ade some great goals and you’ve definitely hit some good targets too. My goal is to make a goal list. I just need to be a bit more organised but think I’m going to et my head sorted this week and get some plans in place. Thanks for some advice #kcacols

  17. A great idea to set yourself some goals. I’m not very good with things like that. I hate linkies and I still don’t really know what I’m doing on Pinterest. But I’ve got to a point where I feel happier if I just blog – and forget about the stats side of things. So that’s what I’m doing, and I’m getting along better. It’s less stressful now I’ve stopped comparing myself to other people as well. I think your blog is lovely, it reads well and looks great. Don’t try too hard to change it, it’s fab just as it is.

  18. I use my twitter and instagram (not that I know how to schedule anything) but I’ve no idea where to start on pinterest. I know it is meant to be beneficial to the blog but I’ve no understanding of how! Sound like pretty reasonable goals to me #KCACOLS

  19. Great post, I need to set some goals of my own.There is just so much to do, so little time. In fact my list would probably be a lot like yours 🙂 #KCACOLS

  20. They sound like great goals, and well done for reaching the targets you had. I find Facebook tricky and a slower grower but I am plodding on with. Like you I only have the evenings to blog or the occasional half hour in e day and I haven’t learnt to accept that I will probably have some limitations whilst this remains the case but that’s ok. Good luck with your goals, but don’t over do it xx Thanks for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you can come back again next Sunday.

  21. Great goals. I am impressed. A lot of these are on my list as well. It isn’t free but it has spent me hours scheduling tweets on Tweetdeck. Also worth getting the plugin ‘revive old post’ because it schedules tweets of your old blog posts. Good luck #KCACOLS

  22. Well done huni, you are doing really well. You have a lot on your plate. There is always so much to do blogging wise, it’s never-ending. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  23. I really need to schedule tweets it’s been on my list for ages and I’ve not got round to it! I would be interested to know which linkys you join the most? I love the idea of having a list of blog goals something I am going to need to start when I go self hosted as there’s going to be so much for me to learn!! Popping by from #TheList. Xx

    1. I have slowed down on scheduling tweets – I am not sure if makes that much difference. I always do Ordinary Moments, Blogging Club Uk, and Sharing the blog love and I try to join in Point and Shoot, The List and County Kids. There are so many that sometimes I feel like I get stuck into a routine. Thanks for your comment lovely Looking forward to reading your blog goals when you get the chance.

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