Tulips, Tommee Tippee and Half Term #Littleloves

Tulips, Tommee Tippee and Half Term #Littleloves

Did you have a nice Valentines day? Me and my husband are celebrating properly tonight but we did have some nice food and candles on Tuesday. He bought me some beautiful rainbow tulips which are my favourites.

Here are my #littleloves for this week:


I have watched a few bits this week as Alfie has been poorly, so on our days together when the girls have been at school he has pretty much been asleep on me. I always feel like I should be cleaning or blogging when he is sleeping but it is nice having him snuggling on me.

I caught up with Moorside – did you watch it? Sheridan Smith was amazing as always.

I also found myself watching a little bit of America’s next top model. I used to love this show when I was younger – it is so different now though, the applicants are all so trendy and model like already. I much preferred it when they entered looking normal and were completely transformed into models.


Not much really, however my Meme has been doing lots. She was being quite lazy with her reading but when she saw a top she really liked we came to the agreement that if she read a school book every night until half term I would buy it for her. Well, she took up the challenge and has been reading and reading, to the point that her teacher has moved her into the next reading level. She is delighted and actually looking forward to finishing her book every night. I am hoping that we have turned a corner and I wont have to bribe her every term!

Ooh I also read the valentines card from my husband!


That the Mark Warner Holiday Ambassador Programme has been announced! I really enjoyed reading all the applicants last year so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this year.


Nothing exciting for me I’m afraid.

My Meme has been wearing her heart ear muffs especially for valentines day.


Bottle and lots of them! Alfie just constantly eats all day. I am so used to having girls who always had little appetites when they were babies. Alfie is a different story, when he is awake he wants food – all the time. We were lucky enough to be sent some goodies from Tommee Tippee which included some much needed extra bottles and a bottle warmer which has been perfect for those cold days when we are out and about.

And Lastly

Yay it’s the last day before half term and I couldn’t be happier. A whole week with my girls and Alfie fills me with excitement. We have a lots of fun days planned and a much needed pj day for us all, I can’t wait.

How has your week been?

6 thoughts on “Tulips, Tommee Tippee and Half Term #Littleloves

  1. Those Tulips are beautiful, they always remind me of Spring. I watched Moorside but didn’t enjoy it that much, Sheridan Smith is such a versatile actress though isn’t she. Have a lovely weekend. #LittleLoves

  2. Oh what a great idea to motivate her with her reading. I might have to use that one too. lol Have a wonderful half term we are just finishing ours and it was brilliant. A perfect mix of things we have done out for the day and days we have stayed in pjs and slept in every morning has been blissful. I think tomorrow wake up will be hard. #littleloves

  3. Aww it sounds like the reading really worked, its so lovely to see them engaging and then progressing which they love at school. I know G does. Tulips are a favourite of mine. I hope the half term is going well, your photos on IG have been lovely so far. #littleloves

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