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Trampoline Parks in Chester – Flip Out

I have heard about a trampoline park but I have never been to one before. My girls have asked can we go plenty of times. However,  truthfully, the idea of a trampoline park has always made me feel a little nervous. I imagine it to be a similar chaos to softplay but worse.

However, when I got the opportunity to go and review one of the biggest trampoline parks in the country I knew my girls would go mad if I turned it down. So, last Tuesday, off we trooped to Flipout Chester with 2 very excited little ones and a very nervous Mummy.

On Arrival at Flip Out

After picking up our tickets at reception, like everyone else, we had to watch a safety film. I was a little worried about my 4 year old Harri getting a bit bored but it was really fast and actually quite entertaining to watch. Then, armed with the trampoline park socks provided, we were all ready to go and play!


We met a friend there who had her three boys aged 6, 12 and 15. I am quite intrigued to see if the trampoline park can keep the youngest (my 4 year old girl) and eldest (her 15 year old boy) entertained.

First Impressions

We walked into the trampoline arena which was like Wow – it was huge and dark with loud music playing. There were many many trampolines and lots of different themed areas and activities. Those that I can I remember included total wipeout, ninja warrior, adult stunt box zone, kids stunt box zone,  dodgeball, slides and a soft play.

I was happy to see an under 7’s zone and instructed my girls to go in there. They had other ideas though and headed straight for the main areas, jumping and running in absolute delight, as were my friends’ boys. I was planning to watch from the sidelines but truthfully I couldn’t help but join in with the fun. Harri loved me jumping around with her and, whilst a trampoline park might not be a usual place you would visit for some one on one time, me and Harri actually really enjoyed some time together.

Food at Flip Out.

The sessions are in one hour blocks – we stayed for 2 hours, which truthfully was more than enough to build up a healthy appetite. There are 2 places to go for lunch – The Cafe or The Kitchen. The cafe is really good as you can watch people on the trampolines whilst you eat or drink. If your children are a little older than mine it is definitely the place to have a cuppa and watch your kids play from a distance. However, we chose to eat in The Kitchen, which was similar to an American Diner. There was plenty to choose from including meal deals for the little ones. The milkshakes looked fab and Meme was happy to see that they sold slush.

The Kitchen is right next to the amusement arcade so they were all kept busy whilst we waited for our food. The Diner was a lovely environment – clean and spacious and, like the whole of the Flip Out arena, just really cool. The food was pretty good too with really generous portions (none of us actually managed to finish it all). A thumbs up by all of us.

Clip and Climb

Next we went on the Clip and Climb wall. These looked fab with lots of different climbing walls in different designs and colours. Meme was really excited as she has been wall climbing before. However, my Harri is a little nervous, she is the right age to climb (minimum age is 4) but has never tried before. I think the thought of having to wear a harness worried her a little. The staff were so friendly and really encouraged her to have a try. She did and loved it so much we couldn’t get her down!  She stunned me with how good she was and I felt it was a really good way of boosting her confidence. It goes without saying that all the older children also had a great time climbing the walls.

Overall Verdict of Flip Out

I guess it’s no surprise after reading the above that we absolutely loved it!! I knew my girls would but I wasn’t expecting to love it so much myself. The venue itself is just so cool. The art decor was amazing – I simply wanted to walk around taking pictures of the place. The darkness, spotlights, music and plenty of giggles made the atmosphere so vibrant. What I enjoyed the most is that it is pretty much suitable for all ages, including adults! You can go as a family and not have to worry about someone being too old or too young.

In short, if you are looking for something different to entertain the kids, in the school holidays or anytime really, check out FlipOut Chester – you wont be disappointed!!!

We have been invited to Flipout Chester to jump, have fun and give an honest review.

8 thoughts on “Trampoline Parks in Chester – Flip Out

  1. This looks so cool! We have a trampoline park which has opened in Aberdeen this summer and I can’t wait to go when Piglet is a little older. I’m not sure what I would make of those climbing walls though – I’m such a wimp!

  2. This sounds like so much fun. Something similar opened near me recently and I’ve been meaning to take Molly. I will probably wait until the school holidays are over now though and take her when its a bit quiter. X

  3. What an amazing day out. My girls are desperate to go to one of these trampoline parks, they look so fun. The clip and climb wall is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and looks really good too. How lucky you all were. Mich x

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