Things I’m loving lately – February

Things I’m loving lately – February

I feel like at the moment I’m wishing the months away. I was willing January to end and I feel pretty much the same about February. It has not been a great month, however, there is always a little sunshine even in the darkest of days and with the brighter weather and the school holidays we definitely have seen a bit of light.

Here is what I have been loving this month…


I have never been a nail kinda gal but when my lovely friend offered to do my nails I though, why not.  I really expected her to pop around with some nail varnish but she actually had a big bag filled with nail goodies including a nail gel machine. I picked a cerise pink and loved the result (see main picture) so I’m definitely going to try and make a bit more effort.

If I had to choose between a bath or a shower it would always be a shower. I just don’t feel like I have the time for a bath, there is always something else I feel like I should be doing. I seem to have real problems with just relaxing.  This month was quite stressful and my Mum and Husband kept trying to encourage me to have a bath and take some time out.  My lovely husband popped to Lush and bought me a bath bomb, which smelt pretty amazing. So I tried it, I had a bath with my bath bomb and some candles and guess what, I loved it! I was in there for almost a hour. So I have now gone a little bath bomb crazy.


It has been all about the flowers this month – tulips, daffodils, roses – I love them all. There is nothing quite like a new bunch of flowers to make me smile and my house has been filled with them.

I am always complaining that I am cold so my lovely husband bought me a blanket for  Valentine’s day, which I’m a little in love with. It is left on the arm of our couch all ready for me to snuggle into in the evening. He also bought me a new Yankee candle in my favourite scent ‘Pink Sands‘, which smells amazing.


I have completely lost my way on the fashion front, I’m hoping as the weather gets warmer it will encourage me to make a bit more effort. I am a little fed up of wearing wellies and big coats. I am so ready for jackets and heels and nice little blouses.

However, my girls have been rocking the coats they got for Christmas. I love them and we get so many compliments about them.  I would like to get them a lighter jacket for Spring so any suggestions would be great. Meme had a rain coat similar to this a couple of years ago and loved it. She keeps asking for one the same so I may have to give in. It is very pretty though.


I say the same every month but a lot of cake has been eaten – well it was half term. I joined Instagram in December and, if you look at my feed, it is clear that I spend a lot of time eating cake and drinking tea in cafes!!!

Me and hubbie also managed a date night, I am so boring I always get the same thing – Lamb shank because it is so delicious!

I also met my best friend for a catch up and some pancakes (you can read all about it here)

So a very yummy but unhealthy month – nothing new there then hey?!

p.s. – I joined twitter this week so it would be lovely if you could follow me

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